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aka: Wartys Neryon
Hello, this is the Earl of Sandvich here! My name is Chris [DATA EXPUNGED]note  I've been around this here wiki since the Spring of 2010, and most of the edits I do around here relate to the technical stuff, such as the relocation of wicks or namespacing old works pages to an appropriate medium. I post on the forums too, mostly around Forum Games and the threads for works of interest.

As for my current status, I am bored (well, aren't we all). TV Tropes ruined my life, but at the same time it enhances it and has in fact introduced me to a few works. I am also a self-proclaimed Video Game systems index curator, making sure that everything is properly indexed, capitalized and namespaced.

As of now, I am the Herald for the It Just Awes Me! subforum, so don't be afraid to PM me if you have any questions about it.

Feel free to Vandalize here. :3

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Tidbits 'bout me

  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: November 5
  • Current residence: Moscow, Idaho
  • Majors: B.S. Geography (Class of December '12; GIS certificate), B.S. Political Science
  • Minor: International Studies
  • Interests: Gaming, surfing the internet, bicycling/walking, foreign cuisine, looking into international events/cultures

  • Myers-Briggs personality: ENTP
  • Orientation: Straight, though not ruling out the possibility of a bromance
  • Politics: Libertarian, heavily on the civil regard
    • Economic: Pro-Free market and Pro-Consumer; largely minarchist in this regard
    • Social: Staunchly towards free speech/expression rights, Staunch secularist, LGBT ally, believes one has the right to choose what to do with his own body
    • Foreign Policy: Largely pragmatic; Liberal with a few elements of Realist; intervention should be a last-resort option
  • Religion: Agnosticnote 
  • Grammar:
    • I use American spelling though I prefer British spellings at some points (such as using "theatre" instead of "theater")
    • Most of the time, I tend to not use the Oxford comma since I don't see much use in them (I can still use it if having no comma doesn't otherwise make it clear, and when it comes to separating entire quotes I would use it)


    Tropes I bestow upon myself 
  • Big Eater: I do have episodes like this. I do try to be a bit watchful about it though.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: I can be a bit of a doof and be a mite childish at times, but aside from making constructive edits on the wiki, I am a prospective geographer in real life. I also do take pride in ensuring that I do my job at a timely manner.
  • Covert Pervert: Subverted. Although I'm not by any means a prude although being discreet, I don't really think about it this often. However, you can play a game of Cards Against Humanity to see what I'm capable of.
  • Cuddle Bug: Both in the forums and in real life (when I get the chance), I do like to give hugs for people who'd like one.
  • Tough Love: I may be affable, but I can tell you that when you're depressed or otherwise facing some emotional issues, I'll be blunt with you: seek a professional. (S)he'll help you out better than the internet will. I can be concerned about such cases, but anything beyond that comes across as trite and counterproductive
  • Will Not Tell a Lie: I'll be as transparent as possible.


    So what the hell do I do on this wiki anyways? 
  • Mainly namespace transferrals (of course... peoples, stop, I beg you, STOP referring to works without a namespace (or worse, referring ANY wick as "Main/"; I mean c'mon, it's such a useless artifact anyhow, more on that later), for our collective sakes please!)
  • Occasionally fix the all-too-damn-common "its-it's confusion" (Take it away, Strong Bad!)
  • When I spot a hottip around, I replace it with a [[note]] tool. I hope that I'll never EVER see a hottip again, the same way I'd look at ptitles.
  • Alphabetizing entries, because it makes all kinds of sense and reduces clutter. If the case is that it's a work within a series, I'd sort the series examples in chronological order.
  • I used to chime in at times at the Complete Monster cleanup, felt I gave all the input I could based upon the works I actually know, but I keep an eye out now and then.
  • Removing artifacts (tropers' notes are not artifacts and I treat them all with respect, however there are features that no longer have use in the wiki (coloring, strikethroughs and text expansion), as well as those <<|Index|>> things with just as much use to a wiki page)
  • Spacing (Paragraphs obviously are spaced, but between examples there is just no need, neither is there such need between folder markups and the examples themselves, although I do agree that there should be a space between folders)
  • Dealing with redirects. And how? I say we nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. Assuming of course they don't garner enough links at a given timetable.

    Pages he created (not including namespace transferals) 



  • And I also had brought up dividing the Funny.The Nostalgia Critic section into years given the sheer volume of that section... and created those pages (leading up to 2011)... umm... yay me for such a useless accomplishment? :P

    Pet Peeves 
  • How the lock system is handled right now. I can name legitimate reasons for pages to be locked, but through the current system it takes one guy to demonstrate enough disregard to spoil it for everyone. I think a whitelist or a semi-lock (much like that of Wikipedia), while not perfect, would at least reduce incidents while making the experience more enjoyable and accessible to other tropers. It just helps everyone's bottom line since the "Locked Page Edit Requests" page tends to be a pretty slow effort.
  • Bad grammar. While I won't be in-your-face about it, I can have slight Grammar Nazi tendencies. While I'm fairly perceptive and open, I can get anal about improper uses of grammar (capitalization, spelling, confusion between possessive and contraction (namely its/it's), etc).
  • Word Cruft. We don't need to know for instance if an entry "qualifies" for the trope. If it does, it goddamn well does, so no need to emphasize the fact.

Stuff I Like

There's not a lot here right now, but it will be expanded in time

    Anime and Manga 



    Live Action TV 



    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

Hopeful Ideas

Okay, so instead of placing it in the Unpublished Works section (and therefore artificially create wicks), I'll have proposed ideas listed here until they come to fruition enough to warrant their own page. At the moment, I have just one, dating back from late 2012.

    Fallout Cascadia 
A fan spinoff role-playing game (tabletop at the moment, since I would need to know programmers to make a game out of this), taking place around the Seattle area, going as far West as Olympia and as far east as Snoqualmie Pass. I'm hoping I can also utilize Vancouver, BC.


    My Top Ten Suggestions for a Future Death Battle 
  1. Buffy Summers vs. Ash Williams (two tough people that fight supernatural powers; also going to be a hell of a lot of fun)
  2. Raiden vs. Albert Wesker
  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. Travis Touchdown (an undoubtedly common request which will be fun all things considered)
  4. Darkseid vs. Frieza (to serve as a follow-up to Goku vs. Superman; also, this is a hell of a lot better than the oft-requested Frieza vs. Mewtwo)
  5. Lord Raptor vs. Eddie Riggs (which supernatural rocker would prevail?)
  6. Alucard vs. Dio Brando (powerful vampires from Japanese media duking it out)
  7. Gordon Freeman vs. Duke Nukem (two more iconic characters from FPSes, since we've had Master Chief vs. Doomguy; also this would be a clash of personalities between Red Oni Duke and Blue Oni Gordon)
  8. Hal Jordan vs. Richard Rider (another DC vs. Marvel matchup, go fig. Two humans who were visited by dying aliens and granted extraterrestrial powers, becoming guardians of their galaxies)
  9. Afro Samurai vs. Samurai Jack (I don't really know the former, and I've seen a bit of the latter, but I'd be interested in a samurai duel in this case)
  10. Conan the Barbarian vs. Connor MacLeod (iconic swordsmen seen in 80's films, though the latter existed longer)

Honorary Mentions:
  1. Ratchet vs. Rocket Raccoon (two creatures with an affinity for guns! Should be pretty exciting. I wonder if Clank and Groot would be allowed so long as it doesn't cause a stark imbalance...)
  2. Kirk vs. Picard (this age ol' question. I'd like to see it resolved, but we don't know if there's much in the way of combat demonstration to justify this matchup)
  3. Samus Aran vs. Master Chief (for a match of returning winners, which I think that given the research was already said and done, would be potentially suited for a One Minute Melee (and perhaps adding in some nods to Haloid))
  4. A Team Fortress 2 Battle Royale (Would be nice to see, but might be a bit of work; perhaps the trimming of non-confrontational classes (Engineer and all support classes) can help, reducing the combatants to the three offensive and two defensive classes)
  5. Ness/Lucas vs. Razputin (an honorary mention because I'd like to see any of them at this point, though if facing off against each other, what I see may suggest that Raz might not have that much of a chance; another matchup I'd think would be suited for a One Minute Melee)
  6. Deadpool vs. Lobo (Yeah, not going to happen, since neither can die and Deadpool already fought, but it would be an interesting sight to behold)

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