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"Ha, I bet you actually think I might be an interesting person, don't you."

Hi. Um. I am called Dundee, I like to draw, and even though I love Tv Tropes, I don't like editing pages. I pretty much stick to the MSPA Chat thread, which is not very social of me, so I should stop lurking and start socializing... next year. Yeah.

An interesting thing has happened, in which I lost all interest in the Naruto fandom once Sai's brother went POOF without hardly any character development. I'd been waiting for that character to show up for YEARS. He featured prominently in my darkest and most secret fanfictions. And then, POOF. Nothing more interesting than a terrified look on Sai's face at the recognition. No flashbacks to the horrors of ROOT, nothing.

And then I found Homestuck. It all started with the Double Rainbow music video. My friend Kaitlin was watching it during a Disney movie night, and I looked over and saw these FASCINATING character designs to this hilarious song. And thusly I was converted. It took about half a week to plunge through it all, though it went a LOT quicker once I got to [s] John: Take bite of apple. :) I caught up with it the thirteenth of January, which means that I got here right before WV had his Bec nightmare, which was really freaky and I didn't understand it very well at the time. Since then, I'm halfway through creating an animated music video myself of Homestuck to Von Fawn and Teleharmonic's Oogie Boogie Vriska and it is one of the most ambitious things I've ever done.

Anyway. Just an interesting story.

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