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I'm a 20 year old, male, civil engineering student from Australia. I'm a hopeless procrastinator and very lazy, and have been told that I have an unorganized and detached writing style, I will try to avoid this for the comfort of other tropers.

My favourite authors are Sir Terry Pratchett, Andre Norton, Robert Jordan, David Eddings and Tad W Illiams. By the way of anime I'm a fan of Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing Death Note and many more. I'm also a fan of xkcd, Order Of The Stick, Girl Genius, Darths & Droids, Schlock Mercenary and pretty much any other webcommic I can get my hands on.

I have contributed to a lot of articles before I registered, so I'm not going to bother listing where (also I can't remember most of my older edits any more).