Tropers / Doryna

A strange, yet light-hearted person who decided to sign on here. She edits on plenty of wikis already.

A pop culture junkie to the end, she enjoys way too many movies, TV shows, books, role-playing games, video games, comic books, websites, and pretty much any other media you can name for her own sanity. There are probably even unearthed stone tablets she would find amusing; they just haven't been discovered yet.

She has a strong scientific background, and therefore loves shows that are scientific, but not necessarily useful science. Doryna is also a lover of many TV shows Japanese and/or British and plenty of older American TV series, as most current American TV shows tend to make her scratch her head in confusion as to why they are considered entertaining. Doryna is a long-time fan in particular of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and is still proud of the fact she won the second round of the official Sci-Fi Channel Mindprobe MST3K Trivia contest many moons ago. She still has the T-shirt and everything.

Doryna likes to organize things if she can. She's big on making pages user-friendly and useful. Disorganized pages make her cry. Well, not so much cry as annoyed enough to grunt and go get a soda and start editing away. She's not big on control, though; she takes a relaxed approach to things, because come's just a wiki. She is a lover of puns, bad and otherwise, and thus was a follower of PLATTER.

She is currently (and rather insanely) working on recaps for the Long Running Lupin III series. She would appreciate any and all help anyone else cares to offer. Booze is considered help. She's also started works pages for Sano Ichiro, Tommy and Tuppence, James May's Man Lab, and HoL.

Doryna does not know why she keeps referring to herself in the third-person. Probably because it's late and she really should be in bed.

A sampling of stuff she finds amusing, interesting, disturbing, or a combination of the three includes:

Tropes that apply to Doryna in some form include: