Tropers / Dormouse

Dormouse is a Troper of strange substance. She tends towards a love of science fiction and fantasy, which in her writings tend to blend or blur (her biggest project-in-Conception Hell would probably be technically described as science fiction with a Mohs Hardness Scale Factor of about two due to lack of space travel entirely, but has a fantasyesque bubble universe). Otherwise she has rarely shown an inclination to create traditional fantasy settings which involve magic systems at all - aside from one idea she has tended towards setting with other elements. She is a fan of anything (so far as she knows) by J. R. R. Tolkien and harbors a somewhat rare enthusiasm for the Silmarillion. Neil Gaiman and Garth Nix and Ursula K LeGuin and The Bartimaeus Trilogy and a sprinkling of Discworld are other influences/loves of hers as a general rule of thumb. Anything by the Bard is worth it, just about, though she almost always prefers the Ensemble Darkhorse or the villian to the main character (Edmund from King Lear, Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet, Laertes from Hamlet, Iago from Othello - soyeah). As to other media, she is relatively sparsely furnished: She plans to watch more Doctor Who at her earliest convenience; she loved Pan's Labyrinth watched at night on a flight to London, and most Pixar is golden. Manga/anime-wise, she's watched the requisite Death Note and is reading the exquisitely cerebral Liar Game. She plays online Mafia proficiently.

She embodies or evokes certain Tropes. Among them: