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Iris Wildthyme

Doris Wildthyme is a 32-year-old Library Assistant from Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom. One of the few claims to fame that his home town has is that Benny Hill came from there, and that his song Ernie, the Fastest Milkman in the West was based upon Hill's time working as a milkman in the town. The sixth form college Doris attended had also been attended by Colin Firth (whose drama teacher taught Doris A-Level English Literature) and the actress who played Rachel in Green Wing (who was in Doris' theatre class).

Doris Wildthyme works in a Library in London and lives in Hounslow. Doris is a massive fan of Doctor Who and many of its relevant spin-offs and likes reading, going to the pub and very much enjoys drinking tea.

Doris happens to be bisexual and a transvestite, is apparently one of the world's three Iris Wildthyme cosplayers and is a bit of a goth. He likes to think of himself as a bit like Orlando, but that's just apalling vanity, much like his constantly referring to himself in the third person...