Tropers / Dirt Nap

This is the Dirt Nap.

The Dirt Nap is a semi-wild animal that inhabits the Piedmont region of the South-Eastern United States. It's known habitat is Charlotte, NC and it seems to be a communal animal. It has taken residence with a female and though no offspring have been produced the two live a happy life together. (Trust me do you really want two of me running around? Also, Happily Married does happen in real life)

The Dirt Nap has shown interest in many things, namely big stompy robots and gratuitous amounts of explosions. He is active on the internet forums known as Space Battles and has recently begun to branch out a little.

The Dirt Nap can be found quite frequently sleeping during the day as he is a nocturnal animal and seems to loathe going into large crowded areas as a result. (I work the night shift. It makes me a little odd sometimes <_< >_>)

Well that is all for this episode of South Eastern internet animals. Tune in next time for more strangeness. Feel free to add to this as you please. Just be cool about it.