Tropers / Digaag Wa Riz

Okay. So, I realized that there just maaaay be...absolutely no reason why anything exists. Seriously. I'll hopefully never have to bring this up why I believe this with anyone. It usually only comes up in some discussion about religion.

Here's one relevant tidbit about me: I'm an agnostic. Whether or not that's only a half-statement—well, to that I'm agnostic. I just don't pretend to know what I can't see, nor do I know that what I can't see isn't real. So if there are any gods out there that I am offending by not believing in your existence, I apologize. But really, if you want me to believe in you you should try to do more than "make your existence plain in my heart". I'm more of a "empirical, reproducible evidence" kind of person, not one who is good at interpreting emotions.

To all you mortal, non-divine tropers, I at least know some of you exist. And I know some of you have some kind of "personal relationship" with deities...Please don't tell me that I have to be in a relationship with them too. I'm perfectly fine with living my life with no one but ordinary yet wonderful people and then dying.