Tropers / Dex Trope

Trooper quote: "I'm pretty sure I did this before, but I can't find my old user name, and I somehow accidentally made a new one.. so I'll try this one for now, alright?"

This page is an example of a really blank page. However, I'm looking for advise on making a new trope..

Since I'll be pushing it anyway (hopefully, with help), please feel free to say hi through the cute little number here [1]

As for the trooper? He's been casually obsessively enjoying TVTropes for some time now, and is somewhat apathetically a resident of the great state of Illinois.

I've also got this forum game that I started working on, which officially opened up just over four years ago. [2] I am hoping to get it a tvtropes page going soon, since I'm sure over the years we've picked up more than a few tropes, including but not limited to the ((catgirl)) Catrina Whiteclaw, Lovable Loser Samus X Treme, and recently, several turncoats, so far with no known ((Reverse Mole)).

I'm sure I can find more examples once I sit to making a list.

The game itself is based on my clan from Kingdom of Loathing, making it a bit of a fanfiction game, too.

Please feel free to edit in a hello, questions and such here!