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I'm a twenty year old net junkie and 'small l' libertarian. I've got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but I'm embarrassingly out of practice. I bike at pretty much every opportunity, but I haven't seriously had to put the 'mountain' in mountain bike (a curse of living in a Chicago suburb). I specialize in webcomics (there's about 30 in browser tool bar that I keep up to date on) and Deadpool. I'm currently in college for either an AS or an AES, my ultimate goal being aerospace engineering.

My writing style has been strongly influenced by Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade. I tend to employ exospeak frequently in my writing and less often in my speech. Maybe you'll find it... My favorite books include Snow Crash, Artemis Fowl, the Song of Ice and Fire series, the original Foundation Trilogy (Second Foundation is the best), the Halo novels (particularly those written by Eric Nylund) and Amazing Spiderman: Civil War. Cap's speech in the last one probably contributed the most to my current political alignment. Amongst comic writers, I hold JMS to be the definitive writer of Amazing Spiderman since I grew up reading his run, but Brian Michael Bendis has a better grasp of dialogue (USM 16 has one of the exchanges I've ever read.) Joe Kelly is almost the definitive Deadpool writer for me, but Daniel Way has done a bang up job on my favorite costumed Marvel character.

My favorite 'ship is most likely Jessica Drew and Johnny Storm in Ultimate Spiderman.

I'm currently following Deadpool, Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, The Marvels Project, Deadpool Corps, and Secret Warriors.

As music goes, I'm a bit of a metalhead: around 100 hours of lossless-format goodness. But I consider the greatest body of music ever written, if not the greatest contribution to human culture, to be the Star Wars soundtrack.

I started the Secret Warriors page.

Tropes that describe me: Deadpan Snarker Only Sane Man Weapon of Choice: The Deliverator's pistol in Snow Crash and at least one folding knife. In TF 2: Combat Medic

I have also discovered the Question to the Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything. I got it from a show that first aired in 1967.