Dark Wolf is a troper. I happen to enjoy tricking people as I get some sort of strange pleasure from watching people getting fooled. According to my friends, I'm a smartass. Which basically means that I tend to snark too much at things they like.

I also am incapable of understanding crushes, having never experienced one myself[Completely and utterly redacted]. As you can see, Dark Wolf is a complete and utter boring person. So there. I am __ years old at the end of the year.

I am not to be confused with @/BlackWolfe.

* Capably pulled off a SamusIsAGirl situation. -signed, {{Kinkajou}}
* You say you're a boring person. You have a wolf as your avatar. DoesNotCompute. - {{Lemurian}}
* [[ChasteHero Chaste Heroine]]: And GenreSavvy enough to know it, as seen above - This update has been brought to you by ParableNews!
* You're younger than [[OuttaTheBLAM me]]? looks like we've found a TokenMiniMoe.
* You're still a loli in my mind, anti-shipper. <3 -{{Epitome}}
* Wait. It says "at the end of the year." Do we share a birthday in addition to similar handles? - {{@/BlackWolfe}}
* Hello Dark Wolf. -{{@/BlaineTheM0n0}}