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Hello~ I'm Danichuu. I draw quite a bit, and occasionally write fanfiction....well, rarely. I speak Spanish and English, know a teensy bit of Italian, and have the vocabulary of a newborn Japanese baby for, well, Japanese. @_@

I like Moe Moe things, but I also like the occasional violent anime. On occasion. If there's a really good story and there's minor censorship. >3>

I'm friends with Massawhore, who convinced me to make my own contributor's page @w@ Like her, I'm located in New York City. Or the Big Applesauce. Take your pick ♥

I also tend to abuse smilies and the like. They're cute..? >u< I also like using tildes and hearts~♥

Currently fangirling over...

Currently working on...

How do you do this? This troper is an example of....?

Can't think of anything else at the moment. So Yeah.