Describe CorruptDropbear here.

It's one word, mate. One word.

Anyway, me name's Corrupt "Dropbear" Dropbear. I'm a 16 year old male nerd-in-training, proving that MostTropersAreYoungNerds. Live somewhere in Australia.

Provides examples of:
* BadassBookworm: Reads books, knows how to fence, hikes... yeah.
* [[NightmareFuel/FolkloreAndUrbanMyths Folklore And Urban Myths]]: I'm a drop bear. What you expect?
* YouMightRememberMeFrom: IRC, Forums, random places.
* LandDownUnder

* SurvivalOfTheFittest: Found it through here, funnily enough. In v4.
* StepMania: Still can't get a AAAA...
* RolePlayingGames
* ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents
* HarryPotter
* More WebComics than you can poke a stick at