One of the more casual tropers on The Wiki, Comartemis is a fanfiction enthusiast and a raging anime nerd with a naturally-occurring {{Evil Laugh}} (which he spent several years cultivating in high school). He also has an intense hatred for darkfics and depressing shit in general. Oddly enough, he loves ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'', especially the CiaphasCain novels.

[[FanNickname Comar]] can usually be found prowling the {{Fan Fic Recommendations}} pages looking for new entries or adding his own. His preferences vary widely depending on genre and series, but the main standard he measures his fics by is the technical quality of the writing; the more that a fic reads like a novel, the better he'll rate it, even if the plot or the characterization isn't anything special, though they certainly help as well. An additional caveat is that the more Comar likes a series, the closer a fanfic has to be to OriginalFlavor for him to like it; his taste in [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Nanoha]] and SailorMoon fanfics is particularly narrow and eschews nearly all forms of DarkerAndEdgier content.

Pages This Troper Has Authored:
* {{FanFic/Sailor Moon V}}
* {{FanFic/Team 8}}
* {{FanFic/Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past}}
* {{FanFic/Nobody Dies}}
* {{FanFic/Slayers Trilogy}}
* {{FanFic/Fail To The King}}
* {{FanFic/Lovehammer}}
* {{FanFic/The Key To A Successful Interview}}

Tropes Associated with Comartemis:
* AngstAversion: This is all you need to know about his taste in media, really.
* BadassBookworm: Regards himself as one, but probably doesn't fit the "Badass" part.
* BadassCreed: '''Kill''' the darkfic. '''Burn''' the angst. '''Purge''' the bad end.
* BerserkButton: Several, including:
** Shippers who take shipping WAY too seriously.
** Sexual intolerance. Use of the word "gay" as an insult is a sure-fire way to piss him off but ''good''.
** [[TheOpenDoor New Chaos]]. Comar has a burning desire to write {{Revenge Fic}}s about the SuperRobotWars crew grinding these guys into the dirt, or maybe Tzintchi getting his ugly backside Giga Drill Breakered, but he lacks the motivation.
** MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha [=BetrayerS=]: The biggest one of all. DO. NOT. EVER. MENTION. THIS. PIECE. OF. SHIT. Unless you are deliberately trying to get Comar to go on a screaming raging frothing-at-the-mouth rampage. Yes, it's extreme FanDumb, and no he doesn't particularly care what you think about it.
* BlackCat: Eve > Everything.
* CatchPhrase: Life's a bitch. Make her yours.
* DarkerAndEdgier: A very controversial issue for me, especially in regards to fanfiction, and skirts the FanDumb line for a few particular series'.
** I used to make a blanket statement saying that I would sooner chew on a live power cable than read a DarkerAndEdgier fanfic, but on reflection I've realized that I've already read and enjoyed quite a few such fics. The difference between the fics I like and the fics I ''still'' won't read lies with how much of the show's tone is preserved, how many of the themes are left intact. For instance, there are many SailorMoon fics I've read that are a lot more serious than the anime was, and ThePowerOfLove often needs a bit of firepower to back it up, but at the end of the day all the good guys live, all the bad guys are beaten (or come back to get beaten in a sequel) and love and justice still prevails over the forces of evil. Fics like [[Fanfic/TheReturn The Return]], on the other hand, rip the optimistic heart out of the series and replace it with {{Face Heel Turn}}s for some of the Senshi and cynical themes like HumansAreBastards, while others make the Senshi out to be the villains of the story (Dark Crystal Tokyo fics tend to do this a lot) or have the heroes fight with each other with little hope of reconciliation. These things clash ''horribly'' with the established tone of the series and in nearly all cases for all series remove key elements that made the show so attractive to me in the first place.
* EvilLaugh: Hmhmhmhm... Hmhmhmhyahahaha''HAHAHAHAHAHA!''
* FanDumb: Fits the definition of Canon Dorf in regards to the Nanoha franchise's constant slippage into DarkerAndEdgier territory. Comar tries very hard not to be a douchebag about this issue when discussing the series, but the Nanoha universe and the tone of the Classic and A's seasons is sacred to him, and the further the show slips away from that point, the more his interest in it dies. As of the latest chapter, ''Force'' and everything that comes after it is Discontinuity to him.
* FanNickname: Comar, courtesy of the guys on AnimeSuki.
* FateStayNight: Shirou is more badass than Archer. That is all.
* FanFicRecommendations: The one place on TV Tropes where you're most likely to run into him.
* {{GIFT}}: He doesn't ''usually'' fit the "fuckwad" part, but Comar is a lot more outspoken and argumentative online than he is in real life. This may, however, have less to do with the matter of being anonymous and more to do with the matter of not having a speech impediment preventing him from getting his points across, so it may or may not count.
* {{Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni}}: Comar still isn't entirely sure what it was that convinced him to give this series a shot, but he's very glad it did.
* {{Jerk with a Heart of Gold}}: Comar ''tries'' to be a nice guy, but frequently lapses into {{Jerkass}} territory when sufficiently annoyed, usually by stupid and/or stubborn people. This has gotten him into trouble with the moderators on AnimeSuki several times.
* LighterAndSofter: As opposed to DarkerAndEdgier, this is almost ''never'' a bad thing to Comar, and he's read numerous LighterAndSofter fanfics that he's liked much better than the series they're based on. The Evangelion fandom, for instance, is ''loaded'' with such fics.
* MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha: Comar's favorite series at the moment, and the one whose OriginalFlavor he holds most sacred.
* SailorMoon: Comar's first anime series, and one he's still a big fan of many years later.
* {{Shinji and Warhammer 40K}}: Beats the pants off of {{The Open Door}}.
* {{Shipping}}: Comar does his best to stay out of shipping debates because it's intensely stupid to argue about the love lives of fictional characters, but he still has a few favorite pairings, most notably [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Nanoha/Fate]], [[HigurashinoNakuKoroNi Keiichi/Rena]], [[MahouSenseiNegima Negi/Harem]], and [[FateStayNight Shirou/Harem]].
* SingleIssueWonk: [[DarkerAndEdgier Take a wild guess]].
* {{Toloveru}}: Yami-chan is the only reason anyone should pay attention to this series.