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This one is unworthy of your attention, but if you insist..!

About the Marin

Marin spends most of her free time writing, or roleplaying to be more specific. A humongous Pokemon nerd and self-proclaimed Pokemon Professor she has a habit of thinking way too hard about everything Pokemon and taking it rather seriously at that. When she's not writing Marin often plays video game and arranges her favorite video game music in various styles. Maybe you should give it a chance and see if it doesn't entertain your ears if you're not too busy.

While typically overshadowed by her Pokemon fangirling Marin is also a large fan of some other popular series you might've heard of including Megaman, Zelda, Super Smash Bros and TF 2. Don't tell anyone I told you, but she was originally a Sony fan who fell in love with Spyro the Dragon as her first game series.

She would define herself as fairly kind, but she is an introvert who may bite if smalltalked. She is rather opinionated and it's not entirely clear if she understands the emotion fear. Marin's humor is often satirical or dry. For instance, she sometimes claims to be an artificial intelligence or to live on the internet when asked for personal details.

RP Shenanigans

Super Smash Bros Life Itself Marin plays a large variety of magical girls here including Princess Peach, Arle Nadja, Mega Man Ashe, Unovan Champion Iris, Cute Thief Blue, Spyro the-not-magical-girl Dragon and Ciel the child genius, Raffina the Cute Bruiser False Mage, Warle the Magical Construct Doppelganger, Flandre Scarlet, Princess Zelda, Valorie Ryder, Ami'two', Amy Rose, Touko & Rosa, Shauna and Roll Light

Tropes appropriate for the Marin (Your mileage may vary)

GirlsLove Fangirl
Girly/Cute Bruiser