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I don't go by guy or girl, all you need to know is I'm Century (and I'm Chinese). I usually have multiple projects on my plate because I need to keep myself entertained, but usually in time I return to each project. On TV Tropes I go around doing minor editing and maintenance. Usually.

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    November Argenstrausz 
  • Archer Archetype: A skilled archer who fights primarily with his bow, although he may use a dagger in close combat. He acts and fights tactically, keeping himself hidden, using the element of surprise and preferring to working on his own to minimise unpredictable elements. Due to having Asperger's, he's unfortunately lacking in social skills and empathy, but he's making the effort.

  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Often depicted with a naive expression coupled with this. He acts very child-like and of all three men is the most idealistic, always having some form of hope or faith in others no matter what.
    • Develops Icy Blue Eyes, however, when he goes into assassin mode to reflect on the lack of empathy and his single-minded goal in eliminating whatever stands in his way with any method that presents itself.

  • Half-Human Hybrid: Though he's not willing to reveal how much of his lineage is as such, he's half-elf. Due to his lineage he only has leaf-shaped ears which he hides with his hair, passing for human, but he also retains the fast reflexes and agility of an elf. That's about as far as it goes; he prefers that people don't focus on it so he doesn't draw much attention to it.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Sweet, helpful and polite, but still a dangerous assassin who has no empathy for his targets if he chooses to be as such. He also looks incredibly peaceful, almost dopey at best, but provoking him enough can turn those eyes stone-cold.

  • Red Baron: The Mad Musician, a moniker that he carries from his past. Pre-Manuk he's not proud of it, but post-Manuk it's his reputation with the Runebirds, given that he's known for his obsession with music and an almost-Mood Whiplash manner of switching into killing mode.

  • Fragile Speedster: While his close combat skills do make him deadly due to his speed and element of surprise, November notes that he prefers to fight at a distance and/or tactically because getting physically hit winds him easily, if not taking him out.

    Marlex 'Lex' Hyeung 
  • Large Ham: As part of his stage persona, he makes a great deal out of everything and loves showing off with as many effects as he can artistically achieve while preserving the grandeur of the occasion without getting into narm territory. Offstage it may leak a bit, so he can be predisposed to going from softspoken to hammy to softspoken without a beat.

  • Genre Savvy: Years of experience in what he's described as the "harsh entertainment industry" of Comodo has left him calculative and shrewd. He is the company's negotiator as a result and very often makes preemptive clause agreements in order to prevent certain scenarios if he feels that the other party is liable to taking advantage. Very often he's not wrong.

  • Hidden Depths: At first glance you could mistake him for being shallow and artificial, just out to have fun, materialistic and easily excitable. Then Lex reveals an uncanny sense of business, psychology and wisdom that he doesn't display in his stage persona, showing that he's far more grounded than he appears to be outside of work.
    • While he has interests in electronic music, he's also shown to be classically trained in piano and flute. He and Nov may have huge differences on preferred music tastes, but they can speak the same language when discussing music.

  • Chivalrous Pervert: Lex flirts with every girl he sees, but is actually a consummate professional and workaholic who keeps his mind focused on the job. He finds it distasteful to play hard to get if there's no interest in the first place.

  • Grey Eyes: Hints at his resilient and steadfast nature, and also gives a backdrop for his past - he and his sister had to fight to survive in the wilderness. Sometimes flashes of this coldness can still be seen, though the events of his personal story fully demonstrates that his steely eyes are not just for show.

  • Rags to Riches: Not explicitly mentioned in his background, but he's noted to be a celebrity with very few financial concerns. This is a stark contrast from his backstory, where after being kicked out of the orphanage he and his sister resided for a few years they had to struggle to survive, moving from place to place until they found their calling in Comodo.

    Jinlong Fa 
  • The Stoic: Jinlong by default is very poker-faced, especially with his blindfold on since no one can see his eyes or eyebrows. This gives the impression that he doesn't always show emotion.
    • Subverted in that in privacy and with children he smiles and is actually a lot more animated. It's just that he prefers to keep a distance since he can't see people, and therefore can't read or trust them.

  • Disabled Means Helpless: One of Jin's major insecurities is being seen as this, and therefore he generally refuses all help until it's a little too late. He often misinterprets San's intentions to expedite his daily household chores as this, leading to a lot of frustration from her since she genuinely just wants to help. This plays a major role in their relationship, both during and after The Search for Hyunji Lee, where he finally understands that she likes being helpful, and she realises that he hates being seen as helpless and works to never make him feel that way.

  • Lightning Bruiser: Jin is highly acrobatic in order to pull off his kicks. In hand to hand combat he's backed with the power of the celestial bodies and his own strength (to the point that he generally leaves off the cosmic powers so he doesn't go too far). Now, take into consideration that he sacrificed his own sight to deal all of his fighting at high speed. San couldn't even match him in the past until she became a Sura.

  • Blind Weaponmaster: His lack of sight does not hamper his fighting ability, even if he says he took his disability a little too hard at first. Contrary to popular belief he's not 100% blind, but what little sight he has is blurred and permanently unfocused, and light hurts his eyes. In The Search for Hyunji Lee we find out that his dedication to returning to form after losing his eyesight and being one of the most competent members of the Celestial Temple qualified him as a Temple Master.

  • Disability Superpower: Alongside improved hearing and smell, Jin developed a sense for life force (qi) so that he can tell the difference between animate and inanimate objects due to his blindness. As a side effect he can also judge a person's health and fitness level, although he can't tell their personalities or what they even look like. He seems to have developed blindsight, but he notes that it doesn't give him any advantage over anyone else.

  • Battle Couple: With San, due to them developing a relationship and partially as a nod to the game where Taekwon Masters have a passive skill that synergises with Monk-class characters.

    Lihna San 
  • Action Girlfriend: A martial artist who taught herself what amounts to the Northern Praying Mantis kung fu and a competent hand-to-hand combatant with a profound knowledge of pressure points, and always raring to get into the action. She's no slouch either; sparring with Jinlong Fa brings both of them to a draw and he is a Master of the Celestial Temple. And yes, she's Jin's girlfriend and combat partner.

  • Pressure Point: Has an immensely encyclopaedic knowledge of them, including sensing the flow of qi in a person's body to locate such points. She also knows that this can turn lethal, and generally hesitates to use it on anyone for combat. Instead she prefers to heal with them.

  • Bare-Fisted Monk: San's primary fighting style is the Northern Praying Mantis, a kung fu style known for its close proximity hand-to-hand combat. If that's not enough, she favours a Hurricane Kick to gain distance, and utilises Ki Attacks using her Spirit Spheres. She does not, however, always fight bare-handed; occasionally she can be seen with a pair of golden furred knuckles or a cast-iron Frying Pan of Doom.

  • Never Learned to Read: As an orphan found wandering the woods, she never went to school and the hermit who took her in considered reading less important to, say, survival in the wilderness. By the time she meets Jin in Prontera she can only read a few simple words, and very slowly. She starts teaching herself in order to read Jin's letters for him. This becomes an important factor in solidifying the relationship between the two.

  • The Lad-ette: Prefers being called by the more gender-neutral 'San' rather than 'Lihna'. Loves drinking and swearing, has a crude sense of humour and is aggressive, almost always willing to challenge people to drinking competitions or fights. She also definitely has little to no regards on showing skin and only resists completely wandering around Jin's house topless because she respects Jin's image. It's implied that she was oft forced to be feminine as a child, so her behaviour in adulthood is meant to show off (and enjoy!) her complete freedom. Contrary to most examples, however, she's not interested in sex.

  • Asexuality: San has shown absolutely no interest in having sex. It's implied that she has had sex, but she doesn't see it as a big deal, nor does she feel it's important to having a relationship with anyone. Though she becomes Jin's girlfriend later, this doesn't change because aromantic and asexual are different.

  • Headless Horseman: In his dullahan form, he is this. However, associating him with the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow fame is a Berserk Button for him; doing such will cause him to promptly enlighten the offender with the differences between a Headless Horseman and a dullahan.

  • Losing Your Head: Atticus has the capability to continue talking while he's holding his head underarm as well as move around just fine, justified given that he's undead. He is however extremely protective over his head and never leaves either body or head by themselves, because without his body his head can't move and without his head his body can't quite find its way around.

  • Redhead In Green: As his human form shows, Atticus has auburn hair. When he turns into a dullahan, his outfit changes to green hues. This isn't normally obvious at first sight as his hair is desaturated to a near brown-grey from death, but it's clearly meant to represent his Irish descent.

  • Playing with Fire: Atticus has the ability to cast green fire at will. Though it's not for offensive purposes; he simply uses it either set his head on fire and use his head as a lamp, or utilise it as special effects to ramp the drama up during his performance. Indicated by his real Meaningful Name: it's Daighre, Irish Gaelic for fire.

  • The Atoner: Atticus was an Irish Gaelic mercenary in life with a lot of crimes under his belt. As such, it was his punishment to turn into a dullahan and collect souls for quite possibly eternity. He is genuinely remorseful about his crimes and attempts to preserve his humanity so that he could care for the dying rather than dismiss them like he did once before.

  • Gentle Giant: At six foot one, Atticus towers over the rest of the founder team, regardless of human or dullahan form. In his current incarnation he's completely pacifist by choice and treasures life greatly because he knows he's tall and intimidating to others.

    Arcturus Hollingbury 
  • Locked into Strangeness: His hair is half-white after getting hexed by his sister after an argument. As in, half his head of hair is white.

  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Has anxiety and paranoia issues, and crippling low self-esteem, and actively envies others for being relatively unburdened. Desperately wishes that he could be like them.

  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Displays a lot of signs of PTSD from the Second Wizarding War, such as recurring nightmares, anxiety issues, cries from flashbacks and demonstrates the thousand-yard stare multiple times. Has issues expression his emotions are having repressed them for so long, and feels weak and flawed for feeling the way he does.

  • Heroic Safe Mode: As a healer, Arc shuts his emotions down in order to handle emergencies without breaking down. His issue, however, is starting back up once he reboots.