He's created a few pages over the years, but mostly tried editing them. The one he's most proud of is WebVideo/{{Brains}}, a web series made by a college friend of his.

CeilingCthulu is just another lurker-cum-troper[[note]] [[SelfDeprecation who probably abuses his hottip priveleges]][[/note]], finally baking himself a cookie. He started a page or two back before everyone had to start baking (making it unimportant which pages he started), and tries to help here and there. He's also helplessly addicted to webcomics.

He also is a European mutt, essentially, having ancestry from: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Belgium, and maybe some other things too. None of the features are very dominant, aside from maybe the Welsh. Also, his last name is very German.

He would love to see [[IWantMyJetpack humanity spreading through the stars as of 5-10 years ago]], maybe live to see TheSingularity. Part of this fascination can be blamed on his love for SciFi (not that he doesn't love {{Fantasy}} as well) and astronomy (or at least the breathtaking vistas in space).

Puedo hablar español. No estoy increíble, pero puedo hablar bien por un gringo.

He can be quite the optimist, and usually expects the best out of people. He's friendly, and [[MotorMouth if you get him talking]], [[SelfDeprecation he will probably take a while to shut up]].

'''This troper shows examples of:'''
* BadassBookworm: The {{Badass}} part is debatable, but he definitely reads. A lot.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: [[VideogameCrueltyPotential Only if you're in a videogame]].
* ClusterFBomb / PrecisionFStrike: Depends on who he's with/[[EpicFail what]] [[SelfDeprecation he's]] playing.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: His skills at videogames aren't exactly exceptional. Except for the brief moments of brilliance and killstreaks. Mostly when no one is looking.
* LastLousyPoint: CC likes to try beating a game as completely as possible. Keyword: [[SelfDeprecation try]].
** Case in point: he has [BurnOut Burnout 3: Takedown]] at 98% completion. What's the other two percent? Races. What is one of game types he sucks at the most? ''Races''.
* MostTropersAreYoungNerds: Yarp.
* TheOtherRainforest: Born and raised just outside Snohomish, Washington.
* TheQuietOne: Was this until 4 years old, when his younger sister taught him how to speak. Before then, he apparently got by with a combination of his own sign language and "Klingon". Nowadays, he can be quiet, or he can talk your head off.
* SelfDeprecation: Where a lot of his humor comes from.
* ThinkingOutLoud: He does this. A lot.
* VoiceTypes: Tenor 2 (lower range.)
* WideEyedIdealist

'''Favorite Fiction:'''
* [[FreemansMind *Mind]]: As long as they don't suck...
* [[BurnOut Burnout 3: Takedown]]
* C89.5: The radio station to end all stations.
* TheClouds
* TheDailyShow
* DeadSpace
* EchoChamber
* HalfLife2
* Homestuck
* HotFuzz
* IainMBanks
* {{Labyrinth}}
* VideoGame/LightOfAltair: It's not an amazing game, but it's fun, has a good story, and breathtaking [[SceneryPorn space visuals]]. Also, the audio isn't half-bad.
* LinkinPark
* [[OscarWilde The Importance Of Being Ernest]]
* {{Pokemon}}: Only the first couple seasons though. And he has a game or two.