An extremely lazy individual who logs in only periodically and never quite gets around to writing articles [[strike:properly.]] Chinese Australian. Hangs out mainly on the forums. Isn't quite sure what to say next. Happens all the time.

Borrowed this idea from @/{{Kinkajou}}. Folder power go!


[[folder: Enjoys]]
* SuperRobotWars
* NasuVerse
* {{Digimon}}
* BattleMoonWars
* NeonGenesisEvangelion
* ParadoxInteractive
* AgeOfEmpires
* FireEmblem
* AdvanceWars
* AncientDomainsOfMystery
* RagnarokBattleOffline
* RagnarokOnline
* TouhouProject
* CardCaptorSakura
* {{Clannad}}
* and probably loads more that I can't remember right now.

[[folder:Currently wasting time with the following works]]
* DigimonTamers (rewatch, 10/51 episodes)
* BattleMoonWars (Haruna's route)
* FateStayNight (replay, going down Fate route)
* {{Tsukihime}} (going down Hisui's route)
* KagetsuTohya (main story complete, for the short side stories, mostly)
* KanaLittleSister
* SuperRobotWarsAlpha Gaiden
* [[strike: KodomoNoJikan (liveblogging)]]
* SayaNoUta (barely started)
* Yume Nikki (to finish?...[[QuicksandBox Not a chance.]])
* {{Clannad}} (fin., AS: ep 4)
* {{Kanon}}

[[folder: Started]]
* TsunamiChannel
* DeltoraQuest
* EcoleDuCiel
* StandardDayNightCycle
* RagnarokBattleOffline

[[folder: Gave images for:]]
* MagicalGirlfriend
* FailPolish (removed)
* EvilMakeover
* RoofHopping
* TheRuri
* HeroicBSOD

[[folder:Keeps watch on (Well, it's more organised than my watchlist, at least)]]
* PicnicAtHangingRock
* ChildHoodsEnd
* MurderOnTheOrientExpress
* RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms
* {{ADOM}}

[[folder: Draft board]]

[[folder: Tropes that apply to me:]]
* MoodSwinger - very much so.
* InsaneTrollLogic - quite a bit
* ApologisesALot
* ShrinkingViolet
* {{GIRL}}
* CrossPlayer
* And of course, the attendant ViewerGenderConfusion. Appears to have [[DroppedABridgetOnHim Dropped A Bridget]] on {{Charlatan}} in quite an [[ amusing fashion]].
* NinjaEditor (unfortunately...)
* SpoilerHound
* SerialTweaker
* StepfordSmiler - It's the impression that my problems really aren't as important as those everyone else, I guess...
* [[spoiler: SelfDeprecation]] - surprised? I keep it all inside.
* NiceGuy - Well, I try to be.
* {{Otaku}} - Self-proclaimed, at least. I don't do much otaku-ish things, though.

I'm going to regret this but go...
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