This female troper is from sunny Southern California... the [[HollywoodCalifornia vapid, personality-less sprawl of suburbia]] that is [[StepfordSuburbia Orange County.]] Described by her friends as "that chick with all the useless knowledge who [[TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary talks funny sometimes]]".

I try to not to EntryPimp any show in particular... just whatever I happened to watch recently. My current set of favorite shows are:
* ''CriminalMinds''
* ''{{Community}}''
* ''TheOffice''
* ''{{Entourage}}''
* ''{{House}}''
* ''AmericanIdol'' - I fucking love this cheesy-ass show.
* ''FamilyGuy''/''AmericanDad'' (not loving ''TheClevelandShow'' as much, but Mike Henry rocks, so I'm giving it a chance)
* ''TheBoondocks''
* ''TheGlades''

Not that you care, I mostly put these here so I can find them quickly, since they don't all show up at the top of the Google search, and I forget the watchlist tab exists.

I usually don't subscribe to this kind of OpinionMyopia, but if you don't love ''TheShawshankRedemption'', do ''not'' talk to me.

I used to majorly prowl the YKTTW, I just had to [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife break the habit]] and start focusing my time on RealLife. I'll still check it out occasionally, but I'm happy to say that my Troping in general is under control, and can be described as a healthy obsession at this point.


[[folder:'''Works/People pages I have written:''']]
* ''{{Entourage}}''
* ''[[TwentySevenDresses 27 Dresses]]''
* ''ReadingRainbow''
* ''TradingPlaces''
* ''CinderellaMan'' - I received my first [[MadeOfWin MoW]] for the RunningGag about Ron Howard on this page!
* SethMacFarlane - Before this reaches Lurkerbunny-type proportions, no I'm not Seth. If I was, I'd be typing this from a far more expensive computer. In a much bigger house. With a glass of Scotch in my hand. And I'd be a dude.

[[folder:'''Tropes I created:''']]
* CarMeetsHouse
* ProductSwitcherooAd
* DisneyCreaturesOfTheFarce (I love this title, I don't care what you say)
* MyOwnPrivateIDo
* AsHimself

[[folder:'''Tropes I launched (because they were abandoned and/or needed major TLC and re-writing):''']]
* SolidGoldPoop
* HappyDance
* ComplexityAddiction
* UnlockableContent
* QuarterHourShort
* SmarterThanYouLook
* DefeatMeansPlayable

Once again, you don't care, I mostly keep this list for my own purposes.

!Cat22 provides examples of the following tropes:
* BerserkButton (The American Conservative party in general, but the move to ban gay marriage is a big one.)
** Ptitles! I FUCKING HATE ptitles!
* BlizzardEntertainment (I work here... and yes, it's as awesome as you think it would be.)
* ClusterFBomb (I swear like a sailor, I can't help myself. I went to a Catholic School for 12 years, I'm trying to make up for it now.)
* DisContinuity (Firmly believe that you can pretend embarassing moments never happened, as long as you don't forget the lesson you learned from them.)
* FieryRedhead
* GrammarNazi (As family members will attest to - "It's Alice ''and I'', not 'me and Alice'!")
* LumperVsSplitter (I'm an unabashed Splitter, unless I don't care much about the trope, in which case I'll advocate Lumping. Hey, no one ever said life was fair.)
* MiddleChildSyndrome (Oh SOOOOOOO much. I'm such a doormat, I even gave my car to my brother after he crashed his. ''Twice.'')
* MixedMarriage (HappilyMarried to an Asian guy, while I am white. Typical reactions to this range on a sliding scale of "meh" to "dude, good job, Asian dudes never land white chicks". Interestingly, the video game industry I work in sees an extremely high rate of "white guys with Asian girls", and nearly ZERO relationships in the other direction.)
* OnlySaneMan, prone to much [[DeadpanSnarker Deadpan Snarking]].
* SerialTweaker (I'm really bad at this. Check out my own page history.)
* StrawmanPolitical (They're real... and I'm surrounded by them.)
* WeddingDay (My first husband was totally hungover... and it was [[HilarityEnsues hilarious!]] I will always find this funny, no matter what happened between us. See next entry.)
* WomanScorned (When my ex-husband cheated on me, I wrote up our divorce papers such that he only took '[his] car... and whatever [was] in it [at the time]'. The judge chuckled. Lesson: Don't cheat boys. Be a man and break up with her first. And girls, go for an Asian guy next time.)

[[spoiler: For those of you who may have figured it out from all my veiled hints here on the Wiki, yes I used to work at/for ''FamilyGuy''. I am not Seth, nor do I know him all that well, but he always seemed like a pretty cool guy to me. And I fucking hate {{FOX}}.]]