Tropers: Cassandra Leo

Vell, Aaron's just zis guy, you know?

I run a forum called Fool's Gold (which is currently closed). I've also been active on a number of other boards, but much less so, and they're mostly pretty inconsequential in the scheme of these things; Freethought Forum and The Lifestream are really the only two I still maintain any appreciable amount of activity on these days. I'm pretty obsessed with music (especially jazz, soundtracks, metal, and progressive rock) and basically one of those Bomb-Throwing Anarchists, but without the bombs. (See TV Tropes' Useful Notes on Anarchism and Political Ideologies for some actual factual information on anarchism. My thought tends towards anarcho-syndicalism, but I'm not particularly dogmatic about any particular form of anarchism, apart from disliking "ancaps"). I live in Florida, much to my chagrin. See also my, my Soundcloud, and some neo-classical electronic music I wrote awhile back.

I really, really hate the Loudness War to the extent that I actually go and edit the audio of victims to make them less painful to listen to. I wrote a guide to how to do this here.

aim: same as my screen name here
msn: (Note that I will not check emails sent to this address as it was long ago overrun with too much spam for me to bother filtering out the valid content; if for some strange reason you wish to email me, ask me for my current address)
skype: cassandra.leo

Some works I like (alphabetical order, and the list is nowhere near complete; I'll probably add a lot more stuff later, but it'll probably never be fully complete as I want to keep this to stuff that has wiki entries):

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