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Tropers: CJ Haacke
Has delusions of grandeur. May or may not be dead.

Unfortunate proximity of computer to DVD player, coupled with moderate addiction to anime, movies, comics, video games, and vainglorious megalomania results in, well, posting on this site. After a while, decided to make up a contributor page. Watches AzumangaDaioh, LoveHina, Genshiken, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, IchigoMashimaro, MacrossPlus, Noir, Samurai7, and more in qualities considered unhealthy in small children. Or immature 30 year olds. After all, if you are going to watch a series, well, it just dosen't feel right not to watch ALL of it, in as close to a single sitting as can be done. Add as much Dr. Pepper as can be drunk...

I don't need a life. Just hand over the DVD's, and no one will be hurt.:)

Am being held hostage by my Xbox 360. Don't send help.

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