Greetings and salutations... oh, who the hell am I kidding? Let's try that again...

Hi, I'm bserkii (pronounced bserk-aye, long-i at the end).You might know me by some other names, such as "a flying rock", "Selectively Random", and "candyman". You might remember me from such places as Minturn, Skiatook, and Basalt. No, you find me if'n you want to know...

Some years ago, I stumbled upon DragonBallZ 'cause friends were making fun of it. My cousin watched. I watched. The siblings watched. Even my parents fell into the depths of that which we know as anime. The anime that sandwiched DBZ (GundamWing, and TenchiMuyo) didn't help either. Somehow, I ''almost'' broke free of anime. Almost. I found friends years later who brought me back into the fold.

Other interests include {{Magic the Gathering}}, and being an [[ Avaholic]].

Anyway, just started out, because insomnia set in (as of now, I'm working nights, and five of those a week...) and I've been frequenting the site for too long without giving something back. For anyone who might actually know me and stumble upon this, there are but three rules.

One. Love runs red.
Two. [[WhoseLineItItAnyway THE]] [[DistractedByTheShiny CAT]]!!! [points]
Three. Always remember... I forgot...

More of a "hit-and-run" troper these days.

By no means a comprehensive list of works that I have found to be employable as timekillers:




Video Games

*FinalFantasy (pre-VII specifically, no, I'm not one of [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks those]] people...)
*TalesOfSymphonia ... actually, the whole Tales series in general
*ResidentEvil (4 especially, 5 had [[{{Sequelitis}} some]] [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks issues]]

Find me [[ here]]. And yes, I'll update it soon...