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Cats are rad.

Hi, I mostly hang out in the image selection forum. I like cats and reptiles. This page is boring 'cause I'm boring. Move along.

Incidentally, my name has nothing to do with boobs.

I also have an Old Shame to admit to—that (thankfully!) deleted page "Innocent Panties" was my fault. In my defense, I wanted something to change because "Panty Shot" was full of examples of little girls (such as Little Audrey) who were drawn with panties flashing because artists put it in to be cute. I didn't want the little girls in there, but since this was before there were crackdowns on what some mods call "pedoshit", I figured trying to erase them would just result in them being put back (and protests that it was perfectly okay to list underage characters under a "fanservice" topic.). So I tried to redirect it, and then pretty much forgot about it.

That went well.

You see, people decided that it was a good idea to not only obsessively track every time a little underage girl flashed her panties, but to describe it in great detail. It got creepy very quickly, especially when you factor in that people were yapping about underage actresses, not just cartoon characters. Finally, thanks to a dramatic reading by people on the Crazy Goggs youtube channel, the page was axed.

See Crazy Goggs' take on it here (warning: bring barf bag) I appreciate Crazy Goggs inadvertently helping the crackdown on pedoshit.

I don't edit or talk much now, but I still happily take down any pedoshit I see. There is no excuse.