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I was going to put this on Technology Marches On, but it didn't seem quite correct, so I'm going to let it sit here for a bit.

So hey this is a page. It used to have a lot of words but I read those words and was like "these words make me sound like a person who has way stronger opinions in regards to tvtropes dot org web policy than I actually do", so I got rid of them. (Some of them still hold true, but I did not have the energy to sort through the page and preserve only those words. Luckily edit histories exist so I can do that later if for some reason I really want to.)

Really, I'm pretty much just here for adding examples from the works I like and listening to the cool music links that always show up. Well, that and fixing any phrasings that imply there are exactly two genders and those genders are somehow opposite of each other...note