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I like obvious main titles with clever redirects (because Redirects Are Free). Also, needs more examples.

Lumper vs. Splitter? ... Good question. I hate soft splits, though; if you're going to split a page, just split it and be done with it.

No Natter, please. These are articles, not discussions.

Your "clever" potholes to So Bad, It's Horrible and Dis Continuity are not. If I Am Not Making This Up still existed, I'd say that it, too, is not as clever as you think. Do not pothole to "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer in its place.

Rape The Dog should never have been called that in the first place. Same with The Simpsons Did It.note 

I don't know why you people can't pothole single-word articles, back in my day, uphill both ways, and we liked it...

Has encountered the following tropes in Real Lifenote :

  • all lowercase letters: My username! Some people use CamelCase for my name. These people are wrong.
  • Archive Binge: The best part of a webcomic!
  • Crack Pairing: My favorite kind of pairing.
  • Ear Worm: A new one every month or so...
  • Everyone Is Bi: Seriously. Everyone.
  • Insane Troll Logic: I once used basic math to "prove" that, because of Americans eating too much McDonald's, nobody in the entire world (including said greedy Americans) had ever eaten at McDonald's. I wish I could remember how, it was hilarious.
  • Orwellian Retcon: It had only been up for ten minutes, but I still felt I had to inform the tiny number of people (probably just one) that had seen the original version that "you didn't see any gaping plot holes, all right?"

My Favorite Tropes include (because there is no way I can list them all even if I remember them):

My Pet Peeve Tropes include (see above):

Tropes I have created (and remember):

Responsible (at least in part) for the renames of the following tropes:

If you have something to say about me, this is a good place to say it. Wiki Magic makes everything better! (This is the "vandalize here" part of the page.)

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