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Tropers: Bentusi Avatar
Ooh, is this where I get to put stuff about ME?!

I'm a Californian teen (male), and a bit of a newbie here, so I've had a bit of a time with the rules... heh... I go to a VERY tough school, and I'm known as a bit of a brain, if certainly not the best in the school - we have some freaking geniuses (genii? whatever) here. I like to act as a rather logical negotiatory mediator sort of a person, and I end up coming off as rather cold, when I'm not just awkward. I'm a Fig Hunter member by the name of Aiur, my Steam name is Captain Elson, and I honestly don't give two flying horsemonkeys who sees that information.

I am a deep fan of classical music (and neoclassical, pseudoclassical, vaguely classical-ish game music, et cetera), Celtic music, some modern stuff (TV and film soundtracks, particularly), and a very tiny amount of rock, most of which is taken up by the The Beatles and The Grateful Dead. Anything that sounds good, I like. I have a tendency to rant about said liked music given any hint of a reason to.

I am a gamer. Video Game/Homeworld is my favorite series, followed closely by Video Game/Myst, Final Fantasy, Valve's games and System Shock. Don't get me talking about any of them, you'll never recover the use of your ears.

I usually act as a ninja spellchecker here and other such minor improvements, like counteracting the work of my pet peeve, the Bluenose Bowdleriser. I think I lean slightly toward the Splitter side, though I support the whole supertrope/subtrope setup more than either side.

I AM new here, so feel free to tell me if I'm doing something wrong, on this page even!


  • Rapid-Fire "No!": I do this a lot.
  • Covert Pervert: Not going to go into detail, but I very much am.
  • Techno Babble: Sometimes I have no idea what I'm talking about, but people still believe me.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: I shock people with how fluently I swear, given my proper manner and technical, precise explanations. On the internet, I'm usually more Hell than Sophisticated, though.

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