A twenty-something computer programmer and business systems analyst currently located in North Providence, RI. His handle is derived from his own personal CatchPhrase, which is in turn dervied from his tendency to insert increasingly unrelevant and unimportant tidbits of trivia into most of his conversations.

Fancies himself more of a "trope creator" than a "trope maintainer", so he spends most of his time prowling the YKTTW and LostAndFound sections, generating and contributing to new ideas within TVTropes. He is known, however, to occasionally add his unusual (and slightly off-putting) brand of wit to existing pages.

Strongly advocates for [[LumperVsSplitter Lumping]], except when it pertains to peanut butter or oatmeal.

!! Tropes that describe this Troper:
* ActualPacifist: Strongly believes that [[IsaacAsimov "violence is the last refuge of the incompetent"]]
* BadassBeard: He is forbidden from shaving it off, lest he tempt the wrath of his wife
* TheBigGuy: 6'2" with broad shoulders
* CharacterAlignment: Essentially ChaoticNeutral
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Don't let his somewhat confrontational discussion style fool you, he's really a [[GentleGiant big teddy bear.]]
* {{Geek}}: Just ask his wife
* GentlemanAndAScholar : Was raised by [[MilitaryBrat extremely regimental parents]], so this was always a given.
* TheGlassesGottaGo: Decided this at 14, has worn contacts ever since
* GeniusBruiser: Not a genius by any stretch, but does successfully combine TheSmartGuy and TheBigGuy
* GoodWithNumbers: With an Applied Statistics minor to prove it
* {{Nerd}}: See {{Geek}}
* SophisticatedAsHell: Known to slip into this from time to time
* TheStoic: This particularly bugs his wife.

!! Tropes Created:
* BalconySpeech
* BlindedByTheLight
* CruelToBeKind
* DidntNeedThoseAnyway
* EveryManHasHisPrice
* EvilMakesYouUgly
* FunctionalAddict
* HeavenAndHell
* HumanPincushion
* NoAntagonist
* OffTheRecord
* SecretWeapon
* ShrunkenOrgan
* StageWhisper

!! Other Pages Started:


[[folder: Works]]
* TheInternet
* {{Film/Jack}}
* Film/TheRookie

[[folder: Laconic]]
* Laconic/SoftWater
* Laconic/JustFollowingOrders
* Laconic/MyCountryRightOrWrong

[[folder: JustBugsMe]]
* JustBugsMe/TheInternet

[[folder: PlayingWith]]
* PlayingWith/CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming
* PlayingWith/EjectionSeat
* PlayingWith/SoftGlass
* PlayingWith/SoftWater
* PlayingWith/TearJerker

!! Significant Contributions:

[[folder: Film]]
* BackToTheFuture
* {{Film/DieHard}}
* {{Film/GhostTown}}
* TheJerk
* {{Milk}}
* PaulBlartMallCop
* TheShawshankRedemption
* SchindlersList
* {{Serendipity}}

[[folder: Literature]]
* EndersGame

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* CougarTown
* That70sShow
* ModernFamily
* {{Survivor}}

[[folder: Theater]]
* AvenueQ