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Basterd's a simple being. He might seem intimidating at first, but if you approach him at a reasonably slow pace, so as not to scare him away, and offer him some milk and cookies, he immediately turns friendly as fuck. You could say he's a bit of a snob. He, himself, often wonders if that's just a stick up his butt, or the whole tree... Nevertheless, you can always ask him for help, since his spiky exterior only helps to conceal his soft marshmallow-y core. In other news, he just now decided that it's high time he stopped talking about himself in the third person.

Hey there ladies and gents, the name's Basterd. Nice to meet you!

The 411note 

  • Officially here since: July 31st 2012.
  • Breathing since: 1987.
  • Lives in: Athens City.
  • Smoker: Yes.
  • Drinker: Yes!
  • Takes his coffee: Plain black, no junk in it.

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