Tropers / Bast

About Me

I'm a troper from from the tiny country of Portugal, in southern Europe. Also male, despite my username, who definitely doesn't reference that cat goddess. It may be, hypothetically, a reference to a certain member of the Fae Folk. Or, you know, something completely different.

I have interests in reading, writing and worldbuilding. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, A Song of Ice and Fire and its show counterpart, Discworld, and a lot of other media. I'm also into roleplaying. I enjoy it, and it's always fun to flesh out my characters/settings with it.

And no, I don't speak Spanish. Or have the symptoms of an over excited chipmunk on a sugar high, despite what the media may tell you.

    Books I like 
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: The epic low (well...) fantasy series. One which kills off its characters as readily as it inspires insane fan theories. Written by a certain Mr. George R.R. Martin, these books are gloriously heartwrenching, suprisingly humourous from time to time and filled with medieval political scheming, dragons, sex and death, kings and queens and their long lost cousin's second wife's nephew's squires, more sex and more death, a couple of ice people, and even more death. Also very pleasant weddings.
  • The Bartimaeus Trilogy. One of my favourite series of books, which involve a mixture of black comedy, a high amount of snark, a magogratic 21st Century England and footnotes everywhere.

    Shows I like 
  • Doctor Who: I adore it. However, I have a suprisingly high count of episodes I don't really care for. Others I love until the end, which ruins everything. Some are just too cheesy. A few I hate passionately. But it's still great.