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Tropers: Barth Vader
The moment you have to make someone else look like a dick to make your OTP look good is the moment you should stop writing and headbutt a nearest wall.

My name is BarthVader (with or without a space), aka bvader95 or barthvader95 or Bartłomiej W. Born in 1995 (duh!), living in Poland, I'm here to read Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfics and chew gum. And I'm out of gum. No, really, can anyone get me some?

English is my second language. While I use it better than a few native speakers out there, I'm prone to errors, especially when it comes to articles. Feel free to correct me if necessary.

I write fan-fics, usually revolving around the Eds-Kankers sextet. I'm not a brain-dead shipper - writing about Kankers and giving them personalities is simply fun to me.

I'm currently writing Back On My Feet, a story about the lives of Lee, May and Marie reacting to the death of their mother and how they try to deal with the events that follow.

Myself an my "works" in tropes:

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