Tropers: Barth Vader

The moment you have to make someone else look like a dick to make your OTP look good is the moment you should stop writing and headbutt a nearest wall.

My name is BarthVader (with or without a space), aka bvader95 or barthvader95 or Bartłomiej W. Born in 1995 (duh!), living in Poland, I'm here to read Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfics and chew gum. And I'm out of gum. No, really, can anyone get me some?

English is my second language. While I use it better than a few native speakers out there, I'm prone to errors, especially when it comes to articles. Feel free to correct me if necessary.

I write fan-fics, usually revolving around the Eds-Kankers sextet. I'm not a brain-dead shipper - writing about Kankers and giving them personalities is simply fun to me.

Myself and my "works" in tropes: