Tropers / Button

A Brit troper, active now and then here and there on the wiki.

Enjoys snark, watching delicious, delicious Internet wank and flamewars, trolling both self righteous social justice warriors and extreme right wingers indiscriminately, feeding ducks at the park, and long conversations with random people.

Is addicted to bad TV and movies, mostly as a guilty pleasure, and will watch anything with attractive people in it regardless of quality. Yes, she HAS watched some real stinkers in her time (the shows Heroes and Sinbad and the movies Dracula 2000 and Resident Evil 3 and 4 come to mind. Is there any way to get those braincells back?).

Has been known to pontificate on music at length, even though her iTunes is a mishmash that contains Johnny Cash, Beethoven and Whitesnake among her favourites (as an example). But mention Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber and she will eviscerate you.

Likes cookies and caffeine. Adores both cats and dogs (although she detests chihuahuas and thinks Sphynxes look freaky).

TV Tropes Activity -

Made the throwaway remark that led to the creation of the Papa Wolf page. (And watched in horror as the whole thing snowballed and spawned subsequent Edit Wars. Oops.) Came up with Hot Guys Are Bastards. Edited more random spelling/ grammar mistakes than is healthy.

... Is still figuring out TV Tropes.