Describe {{Azreal}} here.

Must I? Fine, if you are going to be picky about it.

Happy to be a geek, with obscure knowledge, especially of early 80s shows and SatAM cartoons, since I grew up with those. Wider variety of interests, most stereotypically geeky, some not so much. Ren Faires are a blast, everyone should go to one at least once in their lives. Mmmmm, Scotch Eggs...sorry. Addicted to TVTropes going on three years now, but only recently started contributing. Mostly examples, in the form of video games or lesser-known cinema works. And um, that's all for now.

Some Tropes that apply to me in reality:

BlindWithoutEm, TVTropesWillRuinYourLife, OneWingedAngel (minus the whole one wing and ominous mood music....okay, this is just something I aspire to..), DangerouslyGenreSavvy, Part-time {{Chessmaster}} / MagnificentBastard and proud of it.