A lurking Brit who runs around making sometimes-unnecessary edits to articles and drinks a lot of Pepsi. Known under a few names, this one's a shortening of my more commonly used one which may or may not have a term for a type of road stuck on the end. Former administrator of a (now largely defunct) group's [=TF2=] servers, and a forum or two, plus the head op of a couple of IRC channels.

No relation to the musician. Probably.

[[AC:Tropes Displayed By This Troper]]
* BerserkButton: Missile vs Missle, Turret vs Turrent. That kind of thing.
* DeadpanSnarker: What, you mean ''you'' aren't?
* {{Lurker}}: A bit more like "idler", but still. Very much a lurker in IRC channels and on some forums.
* MeanBrit: Sometimes.

* RepublicCommando: Started it.
* {{Hammerfight}}: Started this, too.
* VideoGame/SplitSecond: Bunch of edits for this.
* {{Bulletstorm}}: Some for this too.
* VideoGame/BattleshipsForever: A couple of minor WordOfGod corrections. (I did some development work on the fan-maintained 'Custom/Community Edition' branch, and thus could clarify/amend some entries on coding/etc. that weren't explained clearly.)
* Lots of minor edits.
* The G-Darius screenshot that ''was'' on WaveMotionGun
* {{Naev}}: Started this!
* FutureCopLAPD: And this.
* SpacePiratesAndZombies: Kickstarting this.
* VideoGame/DungeonOfTheEndless: This too.
* VideoGame/HeatSignature: Was going to start this, someone beat me to it because I took a nap. Contributed endgame knowledge and some quotes instead.
* VideoGame/{{SYNTHETIK}}: Started this as well.