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Tropers: Aralar
An Spanish young man who became a new-born Christian at the sweet age of twenty-four. Also a min-maxer with himself, now trying to overcome his state of Hollywood Nerd to became a Genius Bruiser so he will be able to serve God as a physical therapist for troubled youngsters. Real Men Love Jesus, Take My Word for It.

So, my duty here is to add examples of series devoted to strong willed warriors. Just as I would like to be am, like Grappler Baki, Jojos Bizarre Adventure or Hajime No Ippo. Also a big fan of Trigun and Gunnm, though the deep nihilism of the latter. I like greatly TV Tropes, because I thing that fiction reflects the collective subconscius of mankind. As Toriyama Akira put it, "manga describes the human being".

Also: How I Met Your Mother is great. Terry Pratchett rocks. Neil Gaiman is Tim Burton on Rule of Cool, and a crazy genius. Garth Ennis will be darn to heck. Twilight serves as a proof of the sins of Mormonism (well not, I just hate this thing. Twilight, I mean.) Sonata Arctica is the absolutely best Power Metal band ever. And now you know me a little more.

And I raised my own brother. He is an Alternate Version of me, Upto Eleven.

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