Tropers: Amanda Vega

Alternates between being an insane hyperactive basketcase and a highly pedantic self-proclaimed genius. Shameless in both her enthusiasm (to the point of being a bit of a squeedonist) as well as her general apathy - she's an oxymoron like that. Elicits considerable enjoyment from troping her own works, and regularly engages in extensive Conversational Troping (to the great chagrin of those around her - at least until she taught them to engage in it themselves).

Uses an embarrassingly outdated handle on TV Tropes; whether this is due to sentiment or apathy remains to be seen. More often found today as upthewhiteroad or touchablyalive, among others.

Has pledged herself eternally to Chellerrific.

Provides examples of the following:

Examples of the following can be found in her works: