[[caption-width-right:400:[[ShootTheMedicFirst SHOOT THE GODDAMN MEDIC!]]]]

'Sup. The name's Alyss Baraen, named after my character. Or was it the other way around?

I'm your [[{{UsefulNotes/Singapore}} not-so-typical Singaporean]], being on several places for the heck of it. The places I'm found on the most are [[http://www.youtube.com/user/poissony?feature=mhee Youtube]], [[http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/forum/index.php Ace Attorney Online]], and of course, [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/ DeviantArt]]. I'm the creator of [[http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4588&start=0 Randomness in the Fantasy Land (currently on an indefinite hiatus)]], arguably a slight rip-off of [[{{Tropers/KimikoMuffin}} KimikoMuffin]]'s [[http://dizzy.pestermom.com/?p=csa Create.swf Adventures]]....only mine is WAY more confusing and serious....okay maybe not that WAY part

I joined deviantART and the [[http://walfas-club.deviantart.com Walfas Club]] somewhere in the docks of November to December 2010, but only started being active around March 2011, and I've been doing comics ever since. Notable works of mine include [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/29464791 Welcoming of the Illusions (pretty terrible)]], [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/31086637 Walpurgis Night (Meh)]], [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/30052900 Human of the Divine (the original was BAD, but the Remix is much better)]], [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360 Asylum of Souls]], [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/38502690 Magical Girl Month]] and DOZENS of collabs. I am also member of [[http://walfasclub2.deviantart.com Walfas Club 2]] and [[http://walfasstationwagon.deviantart.com/ Nitori's Station Wagon]].

And also, I am indeed the Director/Creator/Head Writer of FanFic/TheCrossroad

Below is a half-completed list of characters that appear in my works. Happy reading!

(Note: Characters that have appeared in Walfas but are NOT part of Visionary Requiem have only a Walfas Image as their profile picture. Characters that have appeared in Walfas and ARE part of Visionary Requiem have not only a Walfas image, but also an [[http://okegom.web.fc2.com/ Orizen]] picture. I do not own Orizen. It just has cool characters)

(Note 2: '''The list of characters is no longer official and only left in for reference purposes'''. Most of them are now/will be on The Crossroad's page.)

[[folder: The Author]]

!Kigurou Enkou / Kumiko Fujimoto
[[caption-width-right:250: A Plain Writer...]]
[[caption-width-right:250: ...or a [[AcCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle SurReal]] [[PhysicalGod Writer]]]]

-->''"[[KurtVonnegut Be a sadist]]. [[BreakTheCutie No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them in order that the reader may see what they are made of."]]''

[[CaptainObvious Uh, yeah, that's me alright.]] Since you decided to go beyond the basics, I might as well tell you more about myself.

As you can already guess, I am a fan of various anime and gaming...stuff. The likes of mine that my comics crossover with the most besides {{Touhou}} are {{Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha}}, {{Puella Magi Madoka Magica}} and {{Sound Horizon}}, though expect a few other works to appear from time to time. I am fond of the {{Rule of Drama}} and the use of it in my comics (CORRECTLY, of course), but they are not devoid of humour.

Something that has become a staple in my stories recently is that I am a sort of {{Physical God}}, specifically, a Surrealm Writer. Surrealm Writers are basically what we DON'T see of writers. Those stories they write on paper? [[RealityWarper They are creating new universes every single time an idea is written down]]. The story you call 'fiction' becomes 'reality'.

Being the huge {{Troll}} that I am, sometimes, [[WeAreOurAuthorAvatars I sometimes enter my OWN stories under the alias 'Kumiko Fujimoto']]. Alyss, in particular, seems to be very aware that I'm the writer, and seems to be attracted to the idea that [[RageAgainstTheAuthor I am an asshole]].

Enough {{Wall of Text}}! Time for Tropes!

* AGodIAmNot: I am a sinful human being regardless of what I do, [[TheBible and I already have my own God anyway]].
* AuthorAvatar: I'd like to say 'not quite', because Kumiko doesn't represent me, [[WeAreOurAuthorAvatars she IS me]].
* AuthorFilibuster: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/30985734 Well duh]].
* BerserkButton: Calling me by a certain variation of my name...
* BreakTheCutie: See above quote, it's a job requirement as a writer. Notable characters I have broken are [[spoiler: [[BrokenBird Chika/Zainan]], [[CosmicPlaything Elef]] and [[TheHeartless Gerhild]]]].
* DramaQueen: Frequently {{Played for Laughs}} in the Skype Chat.
* EmbarrassingNickname: [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Don't.call.]][[BerserkButton me.]][[spoiler: '''DEBBINS!''']]
* TheGlassesComeOff: {{Played For Laughs}} [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/29464789#/d59qtyo here]]
* GenreSavvy: Oh, [[MemeticMutation You don't say?]]
* {{Jerkass}}: It's a job requirement.
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Hey! I AM capable of [[PetTheDog Petting the Dog]]! [[spoiler: See what I did to the three above cuties whom I broke!]]
* LackOfEmpathy: Subverted. Authors are humans too.
* NoSenseOfHumor: Sometimes in the Skype Chat.
* SirSwearsalot: Hahahahaha......[[GoshDangItToHeck frick]].
* TerrifiedOfGerms: When I was younger, I forbid ANYONE in my family to say that G Word...
* ThereAreNoCoincidences
* ThouShaltNotKill: Most of the guys down at the Walfas Club Skype Chat are {{Knight in Sour Armor}}s, but when you compare someone like me to, say, [[http://megagundamman.deviantart.com/ MegaGundamMan...]]
* TookALevelInBadass: Again, {{Played For Laughs}}.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: A strong believer in this trope
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Cockroaches?]]


[[folder: Members of Visionary Requiem]]

!Kazuko Nakamae / Alyss Baraen
[[caption-width-right:350: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

The OC version of me. Kazuko Nakame is [[KidDetective a detective]] who was originally set for the [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AceAttorney Ace Attorney Universe]], but I was like 'Screw it' and made her my Touhou OC. Later, she joined [[GenericEvilOrganizationSquad an organization (note: inverted trope, we're not evil)]] known as [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/Visionary-Requiem/226115914072334?sk=info Visionary Requiem]], and then went under the [[{{Alias}} alias]] of 'Alyss Baraen', working as the Head of its bomber unit. Whoever she is, she's always there to [[JusticeWillPrevail uphold justice]].....or [[JustForFun cause shenanigans]]

* AllAPartOfTheJob: She could easily stop being a detective, stop being part of the alliance and be an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent. Why ''doesn't'' she? Because she LOVES it.
* AllergicToRoutine: To a certain extent, yes.
* AntiHero: Type II.
* ArchEnemy: Rumia Yagami. It's been [[http://sethb1.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d56nojz more than]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/38040749#/d57oilf confirmed]] the two of them have a strained relationship over [[spoiler: Seth]], which often leads to {{Crack Pairing}} or {{Love Triangle}} jokes.
* BadassAbnormal: Her typical choice of entertainment is [[{{Touhou}} a fantastical world filled with dangerous creatures]], as well as other outsiders, who can manipulate all sorts of matter. Her abilities? Bombs and Teleportation. She can kick their ass EASILY
** MoreDakka: She has Bombs, Rocket Launchers, Explosives, Grenades, Land Mines, [[{{Portal2}} Combustible Lemons]], and MANY more
* BerserkButton: If someone is VERY evil, she will beat the SHIT out of them, give them a [[ShutUpHannibal lecture on how much suffering they have caused]], while laughing all the way. God (don't) help you if you are a ruthless murderer
* BrilliantButLazy: Again, to a certain extent
* CatchPhrase: "It's Called X! USE IT!"
** Alternatively, "It's Called X! LEARN IT!"
* FriendToAllChildren: Subverted; Friend to all ADULTS. Unless you're a [[{{Jerkass}} Jerkass]]
* GenreSavvy
* GoAndSinNoMore: [[spoiler: Towards Zainan/Chika in Asylum of Souls. This unfortunately leads to the {{Zero Approval Gambit}} below.]]
* HeroicWillpower: She learnt it from her friend [[{{Tropers/SwerveStar}} Swerve]]
* HumbleHero
* IAmWhatIAm: [[spoiler: Her ENTIRE fight against [[EnemyWithout Gerhild]] in Eternal Darkness Sidestory]]
* NeutralGood: Even before she joined Visionary Requiem
** She's secretly religious
* NoSell: Mind Control and seduction attacks have only a 5% chance of working on her
* PastimesProvePersonality: Hey, she's a detective! Maybe she's a justice whore! ...wait, she LIKES challenging her friends in a brawl and beating up villains?
* PlayingWithFire: Close Enough
* [[{{RealMenLoveJesus}} Real Women Love Jesus]]: And HOW.
* TeleportersAndTransporters: Her main defense power
** It was actually chosen for her to contrast with Elyse, who has the power of [[ToAruKagakuNoRailgun Railgun]]
* ThouShaltNotKill: She's a human, so she has to attack youkai [[CaptainObvious in self defense]]
* ToughLove: ''Oh so much...''
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Several, but if you mention Sashimi....
* [[{{Tsundere}} Tsundere]]: Hovering somewhere between Type A and B, mostly due to her Tough Love
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: A strong believer in this trope-- [[AuthorAvatar Wait, this sounds familiar...]]
* [[spoiler: ZeroApprovalGambit]]: [[spoiler: The Human Village despises Alyss for not only forgiving [[{{BigBad}} Zainan/Chika]] after the Asylum of Souls incident, but even convincing her to [[{{HeelFaceTurn}} join VR]].]]

!Chisato Akimoto/Reiko Shiki/Elyse Hakujou
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

The OC version of my friend [[http://irregularescapist.deviantart.com/ irregularEscapist]]. She is a [[ChildhoodFriends Childhood friend]] of Alyss, and is quite different from her. Currently, she is the founder of Visionary Requiem, and is also the [[{{Yakuza}} Oyabun of its Yakuza]].

* AffectionateParody of [[ToAruKagakuNoRailgun Mikoto Misaka]]
* AggressiveNegotiations: Averted HARD. Elyse, as much as possible, wants to prevent needless bloodshed, so she negotiates, even makes an alliance with, several people who don't like her at first glance
* BerserkButton: Don't hurt her (adopted) daughter. EVER. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Don't try to steal her tacos either]]. Or her E-Tanks, for that matter
* [[spoiler: DarkAndTroubledPast: Having [[{{Jerkass}} Jerkass parents]], then having her older sister forced to fight a war, then having her ENTIRE home being destroyed by an ''actual'' [[GenericEvilOrganizationSquad Evil Organization]], THEN having said older sister KILL her older brother for mistakenly thinking he was a traitor. '''Good.fucking.GOD''']]
** [[spoiler:AngstWhatAngst: Surprisingly, she's completely unaffected by all this]]
* HalfHumanHybrid: Half Human Half Aragami, but you can go with the more fancy term, ''Aragami Doll-Type''
* HiddenHeartOfGold
* IHaveManyNames: Chisato Akimoto as her birth name, Reiko Shiki as her detective alias and Elyse Hakujou as her Visionary Requiem identity
* LawfulNeutral: Considering [[spoiler:her past actions and]] her job, it doesn't really make sense, but she usually follows the law. Usually
* RedOniBlueOni: ''Twice''. She's the Blue to Alyss' Red, but the Red to Nagori's blue
* [[spoiler: SympatheticMurderer: Can you really blame her for killing the complete Jerkass of her parents?]]
* ShockAndAwe
* TheStoic: What she appears to be to people she meets for the first time
** NotSoStoic
* ToughLove: Same reason as Alyss
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Watermelon and Energy Tanks
** GenkiGirl when she drinks Energy Tanks
* [[{{Yakuza}} Yakuza]]: Do not leave your energy tanks around or her yakuza will come to steal and retrieve it for her. And no they will NOT return it

!Roozu Rose
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

The OC version and namesake of my [[http://roozurose.deviantart.com/ OTHER friend]]. Roozu is an acquaintance with Alyss and the ONLY Visionary Requiem member who is married.[[spoiler: [[http://roozurose.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3kuj57 She murdered her husband though.]]]] She is the co-founder of Visionary Requiem and has an [[ImprobableWeaponUser Aardvark]] [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitle8px80d2wm3pd Unit]].

* ActionMom: To Rainier and Pomme
* AffablyEvil: Go to her lovely restaurant where she'll serve you the freshest human meat around! Also try her almond (read: cyanide) cupcakes!
** AxeCrazy: ...and don't meet her on her job
* AuraVision: She doesn't use it too much, though
* BadBoss: Poor Rainier...somehow, this is the EXACT opposite for Pomme
* FeminineWomenCanCook: Subverted; She can cook, but she is definitely NOT Feminine
* HiddenHeartOfGold: She still has a soft spot for her allies, even if they are 'goody-goody'
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitlew8o9d7bzvtia I'm a Humanitarian]]: She even has [[http://irregularescapist.deviantart.com/art/Cannibal-Chefs-Meeting-209166961?q=gallery%3Airregularescapist%2F30236542&qo=13 her]] [[http://irregularescapist.deviantart.com/art/RGD-A-new-meal-209260113?q=gallery%3Airregularescapist%2F30236542&qo=8 own]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=Rose+Garden#/d3lfz16 Restaurant]]!
* ImprobableWeaponUser: See above
* InsaneEqualsViolent
* NeutralEvil: And yet she still has friends who are on the Good side...
* MeaningfulName: Do I need to explain?
* RoseHairedGirl: It's in her goddamn name!

!Nikko Esprite
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

The Self-Insert of [[http://irkeninvaderdeath.deviantart.com/ another friend]]. She is another friend of Alyss, and is also a member of Visionary Requiem as...a member of Project Kusanagi (whatever the hell that is). [[spoiler: She is killed by an unknown assassin and has her right hand torn and sold off, but her boyfriend Kyo [[{{Reincarnation}} 'revives']] her by placing her soul into Alma.]]

* AxeCrazy
* [[spoiler: BackFromTheDead: As Alma]]
** [[spoiler:In a bizarre way, as she isn't revived as a human again per se, [[OurSoulsAreDifferent she just gets her soul placed into a robot]] ]]
* BadassNormal: Subverted; save her ability to be in two places at once, she isn't very powerful without her chainsaw and/or gun
* ChainsawGood: Such a pity I don't remember why
* ChaoticNeutral: "I don't care who you are. Just be my friend and I'm good"
* ImAHumanitarian: Presumably, as she works with Roozu and Lamia at the Rose Garden Diner
* MesACrowd: Her power is Bilocation
* ZettaiRyouiki

!Alma Söderström
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

A robot [[spoiler: who was created by Kyo Kuzemineko to store Nikko's soul]] and is thus a member of Visionary Requiem. Supposedly she is replacing Nikko's role. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking She has an obsession for people's eyes and has verbal and physical tourettes syndrome,]] mainly due to the fact she is a 'newborn'

* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitlem4f37xq499gk Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!]]: With Eyeballs, at least
* ChaoticNeutral: Well, she IS [[spoiler: Nikko's reincarnation]] and all...
* CoolSword: She only has a wooden one now, though she is saving up for a better one.
* [[spoiler: EmptyShell: She ''thinks'' she is, but she's completely forgetting about who is inside of her]]
* SinisterScythe: Her OTHER weapon
* [[{{Tsundere}} Tsundere]]: Type A, though she's loosing that trait
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Subverted, she hates other people's feet
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Though to be fair, she ''is'' a robot
* ZettaiRyouiki: THE FRIGGIN SOCKS!

...and several of Nikko's, for obvious reasons

!Nagori Akimoto/Amelia Shiki
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

One of the Akimoto sisters, Nagori works both as [[TheMedic a Medic]] and a prosecutor for Visionary Requiem.

* AmoralAttorney: Subverted; she usually tries to follow the law, but in a tough situation, she won't hesitate
* BadassAdorable: As a kid
* CoolBigSis: She IS generally concerned for her sisters
* InSeriesNickname: 'Nao' by Elyse
* LawfulNeutral: Well, she ''is'' a prosecutor...
* MissionControl
* NotSoStoic: Played for laughs below
* OnlySaneMan: One of the few Akimoto siblings who is not insane in ''any'' way
* RedOniBlueOni: The Blue to Elyse's Red
* TheSmartGuy
* [[{{Troll}} Troll]]: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=Nagori#/d3gtpwe THE PROSECUTION ASKS THE DEFENSE: WHY SO SERIOUS?]]
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitle0z548336167v What The Hell, Hero?]]: Delivered as a child to Young!Misaka in [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/31594909#/d41kmm2 this part of Misaka's backstory (warning: clicking the link is a spoiler)]]

!Misaka Akimoto
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

Elyse's Sister and the eldest Sister of the Akimoto family. Her role is currently unknown in Visionary Requiem, but she is part of the Anti-Boryokudan group. [[spoiler: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/31594909#/d41kmm2 She was the one who killed Matthius Akimoto, thinking he was a traitor to the family]] ]].

* BadassBiker: The picture says it all
* BerserkButton: Please do not hurt Cerise
** Ceri-Ceri, sweeter than a cherry, she loves everyone~ Misa-Misa, if you harm Ceri, she kills you =3
* ChaoticGood: Will do [[ViolenceReallyIsTheAnswer ANYTHING]] to protect Cerise
* CoolBigSis: Towards Cerise
* [[spoiler: DarkAndTroubledPast:]] [[spoiler: See Elyse's entry above. That older sister that was mentioned? It was Misaka]]
** [[spoiler: DeusAngstMachina]]: [[spoiler: She is still rather troubled by the incident]].
* KickChick: Implied
* LittleMissBadass: As a kid
* MoreDakka: Not as much as, say Alyss, but you get the idea!
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Subverted; she doesn't feel sorry after killing [[spoiler: Matthius at first]]...until Nagori [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitle0z548336167v What The Hell, Hero?]]'s her
* TheBigGuy
* TomBoy
* UsedToBeASweetKid: [[spoiler: Until the events of Misaka's Sidestory...]]

!Mimi Akimoto
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

Another sibling of the Akimoto family and a member of Visionary Requiem. She is part of the Bomber unit and is thus one of Alyss' subordinates.

* CuteWitch: It works for her case because she actually DOES use magic
* ExtraOreDinary: Her magic is mostly made up of gears
** [[{{MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater}} METAL]] [[{{MemeticMutation}} GEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!]]
* FanGirl: Of J-Pop and K-Pop
* GenkiGirl
* MoreDakka: Even moreso than [[{{BeyondTheImpossible}} Alyss!]] The downside is, she spams so much she forgets what's behind her
** [[http://hao-007.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d49rq17 No]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d49tbd2 seriously]].
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Girly Girl to Alyss' Tomboy
** Well, she's not really very [[{{ProperLady}} proper in that sense]], she just loves girly stuff, INCLUDING [[{{PinkMeansFeminine}} pink]]
* TrueNeutral: She causes silly troubles accidentally once in a while but helps clean up and pretty much just follows Alyss' lead.

!Lise Segur
[[caption-width-right:250: Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas]]

Another one of Alyss's subordinates, Lise is a Poltergeist that -literally- hailed from a well. Actually, no. She was a born German. Her backstory had already been explained in her introduction one-shot, though it has probably been ignored, thus the making of Lise no Marchen. [[FollowInMyFootsteps It is implied that she wanted to be a cool sailor like her father when she grew up,]] thus explaining her attire.

* [[spoiler: AndIMustScream: She was not dead to start with, but the well was so deep, no one could hear her screams. So she had to remain there, listening to malicious wishes for who knows how long.]]
* ExtraOreDinary: Lise sure loves Anchors
* GratuitousGerman: Subverted, she IS a born German. This seems to have rubbed onto Alyss, however
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Magitek Magitek]]: Alyss was ''somehow'' able to turn her magical anchors into explosives
* MakeMeWannaShout: Averted. As a poltergeist, she can either morph into sounds or turn sounds into ANCHORS!
* PointyEars: Never explained why.
* PowerOfTrust: Averted as well. She trust only her fellow comrades and possibly Princess Christine
* RedOniBlueOni: The Blue to Alyss' Red. [[ColourCodedForYourConvenience They even match the colors!]]
* TrueNeutral: Most likely to be so.

[[folder: Other Characters]]

[[caption-width-right:250: [[spoiler: Void Appearance]]]]

Gerhild is the [[OurSoulsAreDifferent manifestation of Alyss' past life as a witch]], only she is way weaker now. Via some accidental magic, she became a [[MagicTheGathering Planeswalker]], and now usually hangs out with the Characters of [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/PMiller1 PMiller1]] [[spoiler: She betrays the team in [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/WN-Planeswalkers-part-27-259605684 part 27 of the Walpurgis Night Planeswalkers Sidestory]]. Later, [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/WN-Epilogue-Extra-2-259934784 Lokia takes control of her emotions and causes her to join the Void.]]]]

* [[spoiler: AxeCrazy: Implied...for now]]
* BadassLongcoat: [[spoiler: Void]]
* [[{{ptitletgwk4nyi}} Dude, Where's My Respect?]]: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/WN-Planeswalkers-part-25-255077310 Laxup denies she did ANYTHING to help in the vs Furfur Witch fight in Walpurgis Night,]] [[http://pmiller1.deviantart.com/art/WN-Planeswalkers-Part-26-255240058 in which she argues that she did indeed break Paul free from his mind control]]
** [[spoiler: Guess what happens next]]
* [[spoiler: EvilLaugh: KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!]]
* [[spoiler: FaceHeelTurn]]
** [[spoiler: FaithHeelTurn: Her main reason for doing so]]
* LivingMemory: Gerhild is the personification of Alyss when she used to be a witch. Alyss, unable to accept this, has Mimi remove it
** [[spoiler: She learns that this is not a good idea the hard way]]
* GenkiGirl: Subverted; she tries to be [[TheStoic The Stoic]], but she can't really help herself...
* MeaningfulName: Her old name ([[GratuitousGerman Anpflaumerei]]) is German for 'flame'
** MeaningfulRename: Well, not so much in the name itself, but rather for the purpose
-->'''[=Paul=]''': [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/30985734#/d3kfdqo There, I've changed your name to Gerhild. Don't ever use that long name ever again!]]
* NiceHat
* [[spoiler: OhCrap: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/Eternal-Darkness-SS-part-22-275482811 Nicely Done]]]]
* [[spoiler: PainfulTransformation]]: [[spoiler: How she was transformed into a Void Member may be subverted, but here is how it was described when it was first Role-played]]

-->[[spoiler: Lokia presses her hand on your chest as she kisses you and your body and soul became colder as the second passes, then your body vanishes into the shadow. A second later your body reform stronger than ever before without the pain and suffering in the same kissing position]]
** [[spoiler: AccidentalNightmareFuel]]: [[spoiler: Ooooh yes so much. Imagine, your soul ''is becoming colder'', and your very body '''is being ripped and reformed into something dark'''. Slowly, [[ThisIsYourBrainOnEvil you are losing your ego]]]]
* PlayingWithFire
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: Does it very nicely in [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/WN-Planeswalkers-part-13-234338937 Part 13 of the Planeswalkers' sidestory]]
* SixthRanger
** [[spoiler: SixthRangerTraitor: What she eventually became]]
* [[spoiler: SplitPersonalityMerge: Sort of. [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/Eternal-Darkness-SS-part-23-275502676 After her defeat, Yukillia brings her back to existence and rejoins her with Alyss.]]]]
* [[spoiler: StartOfDarkness]]: [[spoiler: It started in part 27 of WN Planeswalkers, but started to take actual effect in the epilogue extra]]
* [[spoiler: TearsOfJoy: Not shown, but heavily implied, when she rejoins with Alyss]]
* TheHeartless: She can be comparable to the [[{{Persona4}} Shadows]], but she isn't evil...
** [[spoiler: Surprise Surprise! As of WN Epilogue Extra part 2, she is part of the void]]
* TheLoad: She basically has the same powers as Sore, except that she cannot summon monsters or anything. Laxup goes far as to say she didn't do anything
** [[spoiler: This causes her to feel insignificant. It did not end well]]
* TheWoobie: Poor Gerhild, I want to give her a--
** [[spoiler: [[WhosLaughingNow Who's Laughing Now?]]]]: [[spoiler: ''OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!'']]

!Lord Dearche/[[spoiler:Christine Fredericka von Wettin]]
[[caption-width-right:250: Pre Ido no Märchen]]
[[caption-width-right:250: Post Ido no Märchen]]

Lord Dearche is a [[PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Magical Girl]] who first appeared in [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/30052900 Human of the Divine Remix]] to stop the incident due to her annoyance. She runs into [[TheWoobie Seth and Rumia]] during the events of the story and beats the crap out of them ''twice'' due to their mere disrespect towards her.

[[spoiler: Then came along Ido no Märchen, her backstory, which explained and revealed many secrets of hers...]]

* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Badass Badass]]: Of course
** [[spoiler: BadassPrincess]]
* CastingAShadow: Makes sense, [[spoiler: considering who gave her those powers...]]
** [[spoiler: TheSacredDarkness: Implied ONLY by [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/What-we-fight-for-279892352 this picture]]]]
* DarkIsEvil: More of 'Dark is Jerkass', but yeah
** [[spoiler: DarkIsNotEvil: What she truly is]]
* DefrostingIceQueen: [[spoiler: Post Ido no Märchen]]
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Expy Expy]]: No, she CERTAINLY isn't based off [[http://nanoha.wikia.com/wiki/Material-D a Black-and-Purple Magical Loli who uses Dark Magic, is insane and haughty and wants everyone to address her as royalty]]. [[BlatantLies I have NO idea what you're talking about...]]
* [[spoiler: EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses]]
* [[spoiler: HistoricalDomainCharacter: She's Christine Fredericka, the 9th child of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_Ulrich,_Duke_of_Saxe-Meiningen Anton Ulrich]]]]
** [[spoiler: BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy: Guess what people! Princess Christine didn't actually die! Oh no, she actually gained magical powers, faked her death and fled the House of Wettin!]]
** [[spoiler: HistoricalBadassUpgrade]]
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Jerkass Jerkass]]: Boy Howdy
** [[spoiler: JerkWithAHeartOfGold ''and'' JerkassFacade: Her backstory revealed that she merely did not want anyone hurt from her soul-stealing power and thus ''deliberately'' threw people the wrong way.]]
* PainfulTransformation: [[spoiler: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/29464786#/d4h4th0 As always]]]]
* [[spoiler: RebelliousPrincess: She no longer likes royalty]]
* SpamAttack: Excalibur and Juggernaut
* [[spoiler: [[{{Tsundere}} Tsundere]]: Type A. '''And how!''']]
* UsedToBeASweetKid: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/29464786#/d4h7ebg Until...]]
* YourSoulIsMine: Type Two. [[spoiler: And you know what? She '''does not''' enjoy it one bit! Even if she has to!]]


[[folder: Villains (Contains Major Spoilers)]]

![[spoiler:Chika]] "Zainan" Yurushi
[[caption-width-right:250: Our Villain, everyone]]

The villain of [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360 Asylum of Souls]], Zainan was mostly obscured for a long time and was only revealed when everyone found the tracking device she implanted into Meimu/Meira. She casts the 'Reality Marble' spell, which encases everyone in a large magical barrier, that somehow flashes her past before the heroes. [[WhamEpisode What comes after....]]

* AxeCrazy: 2nd form.
* BeamSpam: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/art/Asylum-of-Souls-part-89-301998231 OH WHAT THE--]]
* BigBad
* CryForTheDevil
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360?offset=24#/d4yczqo JESUS]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360?offset=24#/d4ydjxb CHRIST!]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360?offset=24#/d4ykuex Where]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360?offset=24#/d4yl10n do]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360?offset=24#/d4ylets we]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360?offset=24#/d4ynzji begin?]] [[http://kigurou-enkou.deviantart.com/gallery/35272360?offset=24#/d4ysrjg And end?]]
* DespairEventHorizon: When her only three friends died. It is hinted she thought her parents perished as well.
* FusionDance: With the [[GreatBigBookOfEverything Tome of the Noteworthy Sky]].
* HeelFaceTurn: [[DefeatMeansFriendship Because this is freaking Gensokyo]]. See above 'Chika Yurushi' for her post Heel Face Turn self.
* HeelRealization: Realized this...too well.
* HighOctaneNightmareFuel: Let's not get to the disturbing Pixiv images used in her 2nd form battle. But arguably, what's so frightening about her is her complete state of emptiness. Because of knowledge of prior imminent destruction to which she thought there was no escape, she completely gives up living her life.
* ImmortalitySeeker: '''Her entire motive'''.
* MeaningfulRename: What, you thought 'sinner' was her real name? No, it was just the cultists being complete assholes to her, not giving her a chance to voice her doubts.
* OmnicidalManiac: 2nd form.
* PowerDyesYourHair
* PowerGivesYouWings
* ReligionOfEvil: The Aiun-Ken temple, place of worship to a cult that disguised itself as another Buddhist Temple. Poor Zainan had gone through so much degrading, and her parents [[WhatTheHellHero couldn't help]] the situation.
* '''ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill'''
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Wants to make EVERYONE, dead or alive, immortal, so as to escape their punishment in hell.


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