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'Sup. The name's Alyss Baraen, named after my character. Or was it the other way around?

I'm your not-so-typical Singaporean, being on several places for the heck of it. The places I'm found on the most are Youtube, Ace Attorney Online, and of course, DeviantArt. I'm the creator of Randomness in the Fantasy Land (currently on an indefinite hiatus), arguably a slight rip-off of KimikoMuffin's Create.swf Adventures....only mine is WAY more confusing and serious....okay maybe not that WAY part

I joined deviantART and the Walfas Club somewhere in the docks of November to December 2010, but only started being active around March 2011, and I've been doing comics ever since. Notable works of mine include Welcoming of the Illusions (pretty terrible), Walpurgis Night (Meh), Human of the Divine (the original was BAD, but the Remix is much better), Asylum of Souls, Magical Girl Month and DOZENS of collabs. I am also member of Walfas Club 2 and Nitori's Station Wagon.

And also, I am indeed the Director/Creator/Head Writer of The Crossroad

Below is a half-completed list of characters that appear in my works. Happy reading!

(Note: Characters that have appeared in Walfas but are NOT part of Visionary Requiem have only a Walfas Image as their profile picture. Characters that have appeared in Walfas and ARE part of Visionary Requiem have not only a Walfas image, but also an Orizen picture. I do not own Orizen. It just has cool characters)

(Note 2: The list of characters is no longer official and only left in for reference purposes. Most of them are now/will be on The Crossroad's page.)

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     The Author 

Kigurou Enkou / Kumiko Fujimoto

A Plain Writer...
...or a SurReal Writer

Uh, yeah, that's me alright. Since you decided to go beyond the basics, I might as well tell you more about myself.

As you can already guess, I am a fan of various anime and gaming...stuff. The likes of mine that my comics crossover with the most besides Touhou are Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Sound Horizon, though expect a few other works to appear from time to time. I am fond of the Rule of Drama and the use of it in my comics (CORRECTLY, of course), but they are not devoid of humour.

Something that has become a staple in my stories recently is that I am a sort of Physical God, specifically, a Surrealm Writer. Surrealm Writers are basically what we DON'T see of writers. Those stories they write on paper? They are creating new universes every single time an idea is written down. The story you call 'fiction' becomes 'reality'.

Being the huge Troll that I am, sometimes, I sometimes enter my OWN stories under the alias 'Kumiko Fujimoto'. Alyss, in particular, seems to be very aware that I'm the writer, and seems to be attracted to the idea that I am an asshole.

Enough Wall of Text! Time for Tropes!

     Members of Visionary Requiem 

Kazuko Nakamae / Alyss Baraen

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

The OC version of me. Kazuko Nakame is a detective who was originally set for the Ace Attorney Universe, but I was like 'Screw it' and made her my Touhou OC. Later, she joined an organization (note: inverted trope, we're not evil) known as Visionary Requiem, and then went under the alias of 'Alyss Baraen', working as the Head of its bomber unit. Whoever she is, she's always there to uphold justice.....or cause shenanigans

Chisato Akimoto/Reiko Shiki/Elyse Hakujou

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

The OC version of my friend irregularEscapist. She is a Childhood friend of Alyss, and is quite different from her. Currently, she is the founder of Visionary Requiem, and is also the Oyabun of its Yakuza.

Roozu Rose

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

The OC version and namesake of my OTHER friend. Roozu is an acquaintance with Alyss and the ONLY Visionary Requiem member who is married. She murdered her husband though. She is the co-founder of Visionary Requiem and has an Aardvark Unit.

Nikko Esprite

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

The Self-Insert of another friend. She is another friend of Alyss, and is also a member of Visionary Requiem as...a member of Project Kusanagi (whatever the hell that is). She is killed by an unknown assassin and has her right hand torn and sold off, but her boyfriend Kyo 'revives' her by placing her soul into Alma.

Alma Söderström

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

A robot who was created by Kyo Kuzemineko to store Nikko's soul and is thus a member of Visionary Requiem. Supposedly she is replacing Nikko's role. She has an obsession for people's eyes and has verbal and physical tourettes syndrome, mainly due to the fact she is a 'newborn'

...and several of Nikko's, for obvious reasons

Nagori Akimoto/Amelia Shiki

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

One of the Akimoto sisters, Nagori works both as a Medic and a prosecutor for Visionary Requiem.

Misaka Akimoto

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

Elyse's Sister and the eldest Sister of the Akimoto family. Her role is currently unknown in Visionary Requiem, but she is part of the Anti-Boryokudan group. She was the one who killed Matthius Akimoto, thinking he was a traitor to the family .

Mimi Akimoto

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

Another sibling of the Akimoto family and a member of Visionary Requiem. She is part of the Bomber unit and is thus one of Alyss' subordinates.

Lise Segur

Top: Orizen. Right: Walfas

Another one of Alyss's subordinates, Lise is a Poltergeist that -literally- hailed from a well. Actually, no. She was a born German. Her backstory had already been explained in her introduction one-shot, though it has probably been ignored, thus the making of Lise no Marchen. It is implied that she wanted to be a cool sailor like her father when she grew up, thus explaining her attire.

     Other Characters 


Void Appearance

Gerhild is the manifestation of Alyss' past life as a witch, only she is way weaker now. Via some accidental magic, she became a Planeswalker, and now usually hangs out with the Characters of PMiller1 She betrays the team in part 27 of the Walpurgis Night Planeswalkers Sidestory. Later, Lokia takes control of her emotions and causes her to join the Void.

Lord Dearche/Christine Fredericka von Wettin

Pre Ido no Märchen
Post Ido no Märchen

Lord Dearche is a Magical Girl who first appeared in Human of the Divine Remix to stop the incident due to her annoyance. She runs into Seth and Rumia during the events of the story and beats the crap out of them twice due to their mere disrespect towards her.

Then came along Ido no Märchen, her backstory, which explained and revealed many secrets of hers...

     Villains (Contains Major Spoilers) 

Chika "Zainan" Yurushi

Our Villain, everyone

The villain of Asylum of Souls, Zainan was mostly obscured for a long time and was only revealed when everyone found the tracking device she implanted into Meimu/Meira. She casts the 'Reality Marble' spell, which encases everyone in a large magical barrier, that somehow flashes her past before the heroes. What comes after....


Go nuts! Say hi, or write whatever, or comment on the tropes I have listed! Just remember to sign your name

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