Tropers / Adric De Psycho

Gaze upon the abyss of my twisted mind, dear mortal, and weep, weep at my glory, weep at my power, weep you sniveling cretins. I am the Morning Star, come to vanquish your brief spark of life with my cold dead stare. I am the demon that hides behind you at the midnight hour, the one you always feel is there, watching you. I am the chill running up your spine, I am the noises you hear in the silence of the dark, I am the monster that hides under your bed, I AM THE DEVIL, THE BEAST FROM THE PITS OF HELL ITSELF, COME TO TEAR THE FLESH OFF YOUR BACKS AND DEVOUR YOUR SOUL. I SHALL LAUGH AS YOU CRY IN YOUR MISERY, SWINE, FOR I AM NOW YOUR MASTER, THE KNIGHT OF BLOOD AND THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS, AND I WELCOME YOU TO THE DEPTHS OF MY SICK AND TWISTED MIND.