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Oh, hai there. I'm Abby. I've been lurking on TV Tropes for the longest time, but I finally broke down today and decided to edit a page, thus sparking my Start of Darkness.

My very first edit was for Honest Advisor, if you must know. David and Daniel are two quite different people in The Bible.

I am aware of (and have reluctantly resigned myself to) the fact that most people on teh internets seem to be liberals in the American sense of the word. I am not. I hope we can still get along, though.

I am an English major and currently taking a break from pursuing my degree due to financial difficulties. I love 19th century chick-lit (read: Austen and Bronte) and dystopic studies.

I have a tendency to be a bit of a Grammar Nazi, to the point where I find myself noticing errors in official government publications as though they were highlighted for my perusing non-pleasure. Seriously, I can't even read the local newspaper without having a wrath-induced apoplexy over the horrid editing.

I support PLATTER.

Things/Tropes I like:

Things/Tropes I hate:

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