Hi! I'm Abracadavre, and I live in New Jersey, USA. Here are my favorite movies and such:

* FAVORITE MOVIES: [[DonnieDarko Donnie Darko]], [[TheRing The Ring]], [[CloverField Cloverfield]], {{Rango}}, [[LegendOfTheGuardians Legend Of The Guardians]], and {{Chronicle}}.

* FAVORITE GAMES: [[AmericanMcGeesAlice American McGee's Alice]], Any form of free-roam/sandbox games, the [[HaloReach Halo]] series, and the [[CallOfDuty Call Of Duty]] series. And I've started getting into [[AssassinsCreed Assassin's Creed]].

* FAVORITE MACHINIMA: [[RedVsBlue Red Vs. Blue]].

* FAVORITE SONG GENRES: Rock, Techno, and Instrumental. Bonus points if it's all three combined.

* FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: [[TheDarkKnightSaga The Joker]], [[YuGiOh Seto Kaiba]], [[YuGiOh Mokuba Kaiba]], [[YuGiOh Bakura]], [[{{Chronicle}} Andrew Detmer]]


* You have been vandalized! - {{Tropers/Evil Children}}
* [[{{Warcraft}} A-setha-ba-la-nar!]] -@/{{desdendelle}}
* I have to inform you, good sir, that the word "vandalizing" is not, in fact, spelled with an "i". - Your friendly GrammarNazi, {{Tropers/Kardamon}}

[[folder:Tropes That Describe This Troper]]
* BerserkButton: Wiggers. Seriously, you're never going to be gangsters. Now stop making asses out of yourselves and go do something productive in society.
** "Arrow to the knee" jokes.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Indeed I am!
* LargeHam: "''For the army of magical space princesses that suck their thuuuuuuumbs''!" (In case you didn't get that, I was talking about Rosalina's defeat pose in Mario Kart Wii)
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Me on the last level of Halo 2, [[UnstoppableRage beating the living shit out of the final boss with everything I had]].
* ShoutOut: Naming my character in ''Dragon Age 2'' "[[TheLordOfTheRings Isildur]] Hawke".
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Kintaro from ''Mortal Kombat 9''. Subverted after the cutscene, where he was pretty easy.