Works by me that have a page here:

* [[FanFic/ITSMYLIFEExpandedUniverse ITS MY LIFE! Expanded Universe]]
* ''[[FanFic/CalliopesUpdateGirl Calliope's Update Girl]]''[[/index]]
* ''FanFic/ProspitNights'' Chapter 8

Works by me that don't have a page here, but which nonetheless are major:

* ''Įstrigę'' ''[[ namuose]]'' (translation of ''Homestuck'' to Lithuanian)
* ''[[ Hitler Space Program]]'' (a WebVideo/HitlerRants-based LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/KerbalSpaceProgram'')
* ''[[ Andersen's Mind]]'' (a Hitler-inspired GagSub of the Russian dub of ''WesternAnimation/InsideOut'')


* [[WMG/ASBusinessMagnet WMG page for anything that I made that doesn't have a page here.]] Have I told you how much I love WMG pages?