[[@/ACSherman Andrew Sherman]], at your service. I lost my soul a few years ago (at 16) and have been a dedicated troper ever since.

Desperate for a place that can fit someone as dangerously sane as myself, I turned to TVTropes to make sense of the fictional world around me. Now, I want to be a writer. Thanks, guys.

I'm currently a high school senior from Florence, Kentucky, though I will be attending college at University of Evansville in Indiana.

An almost religious fan of {{LOST}}, {{Glee}}, and {{Kevin Smith}}.

I should update this more later...

Open to talk to just about anyone about anything (no, seriously, anything), I can be reached through AIM (hermantheherder) or Skype (though not usually through voice or cam, Andrew.C.Sherman). Hit me up some time. It'll be fun!

!! This Troper provides examples of:
* {{ADCD}} I keep a notebook of projects I jump back and forth on. I've been working this out recently, though.
* {{Actually Pretty Funny}}: [[YourMileageMayVary Though some just think I'm an idiot.]]
* {{Always Someone Better}}: You name it: Writing, Singing, Acting, etc. [[RosencrantzAndGuildensternAreDead I'm only good in support]].
* {{Beware the Nice Ones}}/{{Beware the Quiet Ones}}/{{Beware the Honest Ones}}: I seem to be a very bewarable guy...
* {{Blind Without Em}}: My left eye is nearsighted. My right eye is farsighted. It also has an astigmatism that makes med students cry. I am an optometrist's wet dream.
* {{Breathless Non Sequitur}}: A staple of my humor.
* {{Brilliant But Lazy}}: I get this a lot.
* {{Common Sense}}
* {{Cunning Linguist}}: I tend to be the interpreter between my friends, though it doesn't cross languages. I just thought it was a clever pun...
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}: Sarcasm is my second language.
* {{First Person Smartass}}
* {{Geek}}
* {{Gentleman and a Scholar}}: I tend to be the odd man out, seeing as my major friend groups are an eclectic mix of geeks, drama folks, and other writers.
* {{Gut Feeling}}: How I start making most decisions.
* {{High Hopes Zero Talent}}: My deepest fear about writing.
* {{I Am What I Am}}
* {{Intelligence Equals Isolation}}: Something I'm trying to break.
* {{Jade Colored Glasses}}
* {{Lawful Neutral}}
* {{Loser Gets the Girl}}: How I'm hoping everything will turn out...
* {{Mangst}}: I tend to be a pretty somber guy, but I keep it to myself. I prefer to be funny.
* {{The Movie Buff}}: You ask me about a movie, I'll probably have seen it.
* {{Must Make Her Laugh}}: I couldn't date a girl I couldn't make laugh, and I couldn't date a girl who couldn't make me laugh.
* {{Non Action Snarker}}
* {{Perverse Sexual Lust}}: {{Hot Chick In A Badass Suit}}. Two years doing speech and drama does things to you...
* {{The Silent Bob}}/{{The Quiet One}}: Brevity is the essence of Wit. So I keep it brief.
* {{Unlucky Everydude}}: I'm just unlucky in general...