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Troper Wall: A Ninja With AIDS
Welcome to the Dark World of the internet that is My...Troper Wall! Please remember to leave your signature on each of your comments (preferably potholed to your contributor profile and/or Troper Wall). With that, commence the vandalism! - aNinjaWithAIDS

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     Tropes that you think describe me 

     General Commments 
  • Ha Ha, You have AIDS. It's funny, because you have- *Killed by shuriken*

  • Well, I may not have popped your vandalizing cherry, but I did make my mark. So nyah. XP - Burinnu

  • YAY! This is my first vandalism! Can I edit other parts too? - Powerful Kyurem
    • If you can find a trope you think would fit me, put it under yonder folder. - aNinjaWithAIDS

  • Heya, it's vandalism time! Also, it's fun playing on the forum games =D - Ironcommando

  • A Ninja, how did you get AIDS? Is there an amusing back-story? - AHI-3000

  • Your username is one of the most random things I've seen for a while. Then again, you're probably thinking the same thing about mine. Mr. Lavisher Moot
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