[[quoteright:330:[[Franchise/DisneyPrincess http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/ariel_first_holiday_dress.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:330:[-"[[Disney/TheLittleMermaid It was my]] first Christmas, and I didn't have [[HappyHolidaysDress a proper dress]]. Their designers just added [[PrettyInMink ermine trim]] to my [[PrincessesPreferPink pink dress]], and [[HairDecorations put a sprig of holly on my hair]]. [[http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3377/3668987060_1e183d6143_o.jpg This dress]] got so many compliments. Thank you, TropeCo/TropeCo!-] ]]

We here at '''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' dedicate ourselves to giving you the best service possible, which means customizing our tropes to meet your needs.

But sometimes that isn't an option. That's why we keep a whole warehouse stocked of off-the-shelf items to be delivered to you ASAP. We can't guarantee satisfaction, but we can guarantee to be on time.
!!Our Rush Delivery Items Include:
* TropeCo/BeehiveBarrier: A 12'' cylinder generates [[BeehiveBarrier a field 15' in diameter]]. Able to withstand high energy projectiles, and even [[Franchise/{{Dune}} slow moving knives]].
* TropeCo/EvilHand: Flush from buying a stock of props from the latest ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}'' movie, we can offer you a [[EvilHand robotic hand]] in a variety of sizes. Claws available as well.
* TropeCo/ElementalBaggage: Packages of either 10 pounds or 10 kilograms of the [[ElementalBaggage element of your choice]].
* TropeCo/FillerVillain: If playing a [[FillerVillain filler]] BigBad or TheDragon isn't available, we will get you a role as a major {{Mook}} (some have even become {{Ensemble Darkhorse}}s this way).
* TropeCo/FlyingBrick: Just take one of our [[Main/SuperSerum six hour super pills]], and you're ready to take on evil with [[FlyingBrick your stock of powers]]. When you start to feel weak in the knees, just take another (for safety reasons there is no effect on exceeding the dose, negative or otherwise).
* TropeCo/FrillyUpgrade: We'll fly in some costume designers with some stock materials, you provide us an old outfit of your choice, and they'll see [[FrillyUpgrade how they can improve it]].
* TropeCo/HumongousMecha: The monster is at the city limits, but no young children are showing up in a Main/SuperRobot. Fear not, we'll provide [[HumongousMecha the mecha]] ''and'' a young child [[DisposableIntern from our pool of interns]]. Our current mecha stock includes spare Franchise/{{Gundam}}s, [[{{VideoGame/Xenogears}} Gears]], [[Franchise/PowerRangers Zords]], and [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Gunmen]].
* TropeCo/PimpedOutDress: As seen in our testimonial, we can have our designers apply the best trimmings to one of your dresses, to [[PimpedOutDress pimp it out]].
* TropeCo/PowerCrystal: If you don't mind your choices limited to [[PowerCrystal emeralds and rubies]], these crystals will fill your needs.
* TropeCo/PowerGivesYouWings: Limited to either traditional [[PowerGivesYouWings angel wings]], or green laser wings.
* TropeCo/RequisiteRoyalRegalia: Has your EvilUncle hidden the [[RequisiteRoyalRegalia royal jewels]] in an attempt to thwart your [[AwesomeMomentOfCrowning coronation]]? Fear not. We offer imperial [[NiceHat crowns]], [[CoolCrown tiaras]], [[PimpedOutCape ermine capes]], and scepters in a variety of sizes, even [[AChildShallLeadThem for children]].