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Need 1000 [[AlwaysChaoticEvil evil]] aliens destroyed in an instant? Want some good old fashioned [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill overkill]] on that bully from grade school? Look no further than the KillSat™ by TropeCo/TropeCo®!

Here at TropeCo/TropeCo®, our elite fleet of personal [=KILL SATs=] are reserved for you, the troper! Buy the Kill Sat™ frequency kit and follow the instructions to shower doom upon your enemies today for only $999.99[=*!=] AND if you place an order on our website, we'll double the offer FREE!**

Beware of imitators. CALL NOW!

[=* =]Does not allow more than 4 uses per year.\\
[=** =]Double offer is not free.

[- Do not stand in beam, do not stare at beam, do not attempt to eat beam. All actions only result in a hilarious death. Exposure of KillSat™ to teenagers with godlike powers may void warranty. -]