Thank you for purchasing '''TropeCoŽ''' brand ElementalPowers!

As a proud owner and practitioner of powers that are [[Main/TheOldestOnesInTheBook as old as civilization]], you can now impress friends with fireballs, avalanches and tsunamis!

However, as you may have noticed, using your [[color:blue:water]], [[color:red:fire]], and even [[color:green: earth]]-based powers can be troublesome -- if not downright impossible -- if the level designers "forget" to [[Main/PlotTailoredToTheParty give you something to work with]], or if [[Main/ThePowersThatBe The Powers That Be]] ''insist'' that [[Main/NoConservationOfEnergy energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed]] and nix your flames in the wick. Rubbish! So what if you're in the middle of the Tunisian desert? Who cares if you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean? And what's the problem if your daily calorie intake is nowhere near enough to supply your energy for your flamethrower attacks?

'''TropeCoŽ''' certainly [[Main/WeCare doesn't care]]!

That's why we offer to you, for a [[Main/DealWithTheDevil low-low price]], '''ElementalBaggage'''! Much like ShapeshifterBaggage, '''Elemental Baggage''' gives you as much water, earth, fire, and (if in space) as much air as you could possibly want! Thanks to reverse-engineered HyperspaceMallet technology, you can carry as much raw matter and energy as you need!

->[1] '''TropeCoŽ''' and its affiliates take no responsibility for any drowning, spontaneous combustion, or deadly avalanches caused by '''Elemental Baggage'''. Users of '''Elemental Baggage''' are advised not to use these powers in enclosed spaces or 10x10x10 rooms.
->[2] If anyone asks, just say that the weather forecast is for "ten thousand percent humidity" when you summon a flash flood in an airtight room. If outside, you can just say it's groundwater (though no one ever does).
->[3]'''Elemental Baggage''' is not suitable for summoning excessive [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway quantities of]] [[color:pink:heart]]. For such purposes, '''TropeCoŽ''' recommends '''BishieSparkle''', also available wherever '''TropeCoŽ''' products are sold.