Thank you for purchasing '''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' brand ElementalPowers!

As a proud owner and practitioner of powers that are [[Main/TheOldestOnesInTheBook as old as civilization]], you can now impress friends with fireballs, avalanches and tsunamis!

However, as you may have noticed, using your [[color:blue:water]], [[color:red:fire]], and even [[color:green: earth]]-based powers can be troublesome -- if not downright impossible -- if the level designers "forget" to [[Main/PlotTailoredToTheParty give you something to work with]], or if [[Main/ThePowersThatBe The Powers That Be]] ''insist'' that [[Main/NoConservationOfEnergy energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed]] and nix your flames in the wick. Rubbish! So what if you're in the middle of the Tunisian desert? Who cares if you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean? And what's the problem if your daily calorie intake is nowhere near enough to supply your energy for your flamethrower attacks?

'''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' certainly [[Main/WeCare doesn't care]]!

That's why we offer to you, for a [[Main/DealWithTheDevil low-low price]], '''ElementalBaggage'''! Much like ShapeshifterBaggage, '''Elemental Baggage''' gives you as much water, earth, fire, and (if in space) as much air as you could possibly want! Thanks to reverse-engineered HyperspaceMallet technology, you can carry as much raw matter and energy as you need!

->[1] '''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' and its affiliates take no responsibility for any drowning, {{spontaneous human combustion}}, or deadly avalanches caused by '''Elemental Baggage'''. Users of '''Elemental Baggage''' are advised not to use these powers in enclosed spaces or 10x10x10 rooms.
->[2] If anyone asks, just say that the weather forecast is for "ten thousand percent humidity" when you summon a flash flood in an airtight room. If outside, you can just say it's groundwater (though no one ever does).
->[3]'''Elemental Baggage''' is not suitable for summoning excessive [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway quantities of]] [[color:pink:heart]]. For such purposes, '''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' recommends '''BishieSparkle''', also available wherever '''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' products are sold.