Trivia / Yume Nikki

  • Ascended Fanon: It's minor, but the official iTunes soundtrack refers to the girl that turns into Uboa as "Ponico", a romanization of her long-standing Fan Nickname. (Uboa remains unnamed, however.)
  • Defictionalization: Recreations of the NASU minigame are available on Kongregate, iOS, and Android.
  • Fan Nickname: All of the area names are unofficial, as are all the character names except for Madotsuki (who's named in the menus), and Monoko and Monoe (who are named in the game's internal files).
  • Follow the Leader: An astonishing number of people with time on their hands have taken to making fan games of Yume Nikki. The examples in Fan Sequel are only a few of the more well-known ones.
  • Fountain of Expies: The protagonists of Yume Nikki's spinoffs are expies of Madotsuki by default.
  • Reclusive Artist: This is honestly a subversion if anything. Kikiyama was initially assumed to be one since she put relatively little information out there other than the game, but she isn't actually reclusive at all. It's just that few people bother to contact her (she's generally believed to be a woman, since she refers to herself with female pronouns in the one verified e-mail) and that she is typically busy from time to time. However, she did state that she does prefer to be discreet but is otherwise fairly open.