Trivia / Young And Dangerous

  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time Simon Yam is head of a Hong Kong triad organization.
  • Fake Nationality
    • Shu Qi from Taiwan portrays the Malaysian Mei Ling in Young & Dangerous 5.
    • Roy Cheung plays the Japanese Akira Kurosaki in Born to be King, but is subverted right from his introduction In-Universe: he states he's actually Chinese, but was adopted by Isako Kurosaki because he didn't have any sons.
  • Name's the Same: In-Universe, Chan Ho Nam and Szeto Ho Nam share the same Chinese characters of "Ho Nam"
  • Playing Against Type
    • Jerry Lamb is primarily known for his roles as a comedian, but in this franchise, he's an intelligent and fiercely loyal member of Hung Hing.
    • Ng Man Tat, who regularly plays the comedic, Butt Monkey Sidekick to Stephen Chow and his characters, appears in Portland Street Blues as Sister 13's tragic, gambling addict of a father.