Trivia / You Don't Say!

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Due to the wipe-and-reuse practices of the time, not a lot of episodes have survived:
    • KTLA: Nothing of the 1962-63 version is known to survive. A few color photographs of the 1975 version exist.
    • NBC: A B&W kinescope of the fifth daytime episode and a handful of color episodes are known to exist. The January 14, 1964 episode of the primetime edition also survives in black-and-white.
    • ABC: Three episodes are known to exist.
    • Syndication: The whole run survives intact, but only a few episodes are in circulation.
  • Screwed by the Network: Twice.
    • The original 1960s run ended because NBC wanted to revamp their daytime lineup.
    • When ABC brought it back in 1975, they slotted it at 4:00 PM Eastern. Many markets either didn't clear the show, or delayed it to the next morning. The show's end in November was very abrupt, as Tom promoted a children's week the following month (an annual Christmas tradition on the 1960s version) toward the end.