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Trivia: Would I Lie to You?

Trivia Tropes

  • Enforced Method Acting: The panellists have never seen what is on the card before they read from it - all of the lies must have their details made up on the spot.note 
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Actors, particularly ones known for various comedy roles, are a common choice of guest. David Mitchell has been joined by Sophie Chapman, Guy Secretan, DI Alex Drake and Wilfred Mott, whilst Lee's guests have included Captain Jack, most of the Men Behaving Badly cast and Victor Meldrew.
  • Old Shame: Nick Hewer regrets his appearance in this programme, and claims he has never felt more embarrassed. Of course, his attempts to maintain his trademark sternness led a masterfully Comically Serious performance.
  • Screwed by the Network: The show has not been scheduled consistently for two series running. Just when it looked like things might be improving with series 5, the BBC inexplicably decided to dump series 6 in an awful pre-watershed timeslot in the Spring with no promotion. (To add insult to injury, the last episode went missing for a month due to Euro 2012 and a filler documentary about the Queen's jubilee.)
  • What Could Have Been: Alan Carr was originally going to be a team captain instead of Lee Mack.

General Trivia

  • The buttons the panellists press to (supposedly) bring the 'TRUTH/LIE' graphics up on screen aren't actually connected to anything and are purely for effect (as shown in a few out-takes where the panellists forget to push the button but the graphics come up anyway, or they do press the buttons but nothing happens).

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