Trivia / Wonderfalls

  • Bilingual Bonus: Real Life example: In Quebec, viewers tend to get Canadian-French dubs of American series, and this one was no different. Lo and behold, guess who did the dub for Jaye? Dhavernas herself. (Not so farfetched when your show is Screwed by the Network.)
  • California Doubling: Niagara Falls, Ontario (and environs) doubles for Niagara Falls, New York (ditto). Of course, anyone who's actually been there will realize that the view directly across includes the American Falls, which would be on the left if one was actually on the American side.
  • The Other Darrin: Initially, Adam Scott was cast as Aaron and Kerry Washington was cast as Mahandra. They filmed the pilot but were unable to commit to a full series, so the roles were recast with Lee Pace and Tracie Thoms and their scenes were refilmed for the broadcast version of the episode.
    • Heidi was played by Corry Carpf during a brief flashback in "Wax Lion", and replaced with Jewel Staite when the character appeared in the last five episodes.
  • What Could Have Been: Apparently the creators had made plans not only for season 2, but also for some stuff in season 3. Including being sent to an asylum after Dr. Ron publishes a book about her, and finding out that the little boy with a crush on her in one episode later would become a pyromaniac and is in the same institution as her.
    • Darren Tyler was intended to be shown performing his favorite hobby: Writing and singing incredibly right wing folk songs such as "That's why the lawyers are so rich". Sharon would have sung along with him. The cast had a lot of fun writing up the songs but could never manage to put them into any episodes. They also wanted to explore the fact that Karen Tyler is a closeted liberal married to a very republican business man, but didn't have time to give her character more attention.
  • Word of God: In the commentary, when asked just where Yvette went after disappearing in Crime Dog, the creators and actors came to the conclusion that Yvette is actually in every scene afterwards in the Tyler home, it's just that she's out of the camera shot because she's on her knees cleaning the floor, and later on in the season Karen Tyler murders her and hides her body in the garden.
  • Screwed by the Network: Like you wouldn't believe. With only four episodes aired out of thirteen, it actually got shafted faster than Firefly. Then again, considering that both Bryan Fuller and Tim Minear were involved, maybe it was lucky to have gotten four episodes aired.
  • One of the shot transitions uses the sound effect from the end of the Veronica Mars theme song. The same song also plays in the background at the reunion later in the episode.